Vietnamese Ao Dai space opens to visitors

15:03 | 12/12/2016 Society

The Vietnamese Ao Dai space was officially launched at Lanhuong Fashion House in Hanoi on December 11.

A fashion show featuring the designs of designers from Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia was held at the launching ceremony

Owned by fashion designer Lan Huong, the venue provides a vivid overview of the Vietnamese women’s traditional costume by displaying the entire making process of Ao Dai, using 100% domestic materials.

The space is designed as a museum depicting the story of the Vietnamese outfit: its history of development, its different designs from different Vietnamese dynasties, and its popularity in the life Vietnamese people from the past until now.

The “museum” also introduces Ao Dai designs by Lan Huong, a Hanoian designer who has developed a strong attachment to the outfit and Hanoian culture. Der Ao Dai often features patterns and imaged imbued with Vietnamese culture. Most of them are made from silk and are produced using traditional embroidery techniques of the Vietnamese people.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Director of the Hanoi Tourism Department Do Dinh Hong said that the museum helps to introduce Vietnamese culture to visitors, serving as a new tourism sight for visitors to Hanoi.

At the event, which coincided with the Indonesian, Malaysian and Vietnamese Cultural Week, a fashion show was held featuring collections by designers from the three countries.

Theo NDO