Vietnamese agriculture targets French palate

08:28 | 26/06/2018 Trade

(VEN) - The Vietnam Agricultural Product Week 2018 will be held in Paris in late June. Vietnam Economic News’ Nguyen Hanh talked with Hoang Van Du, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s Trade Promotion Center for Agriculture (Agritrade), about this event. 

vietnamese agriculture targets french palate

About 30 Vietnamese companies will participate in the Vietnam Agricultural Product Week at the Rungis International Market. Could you share more information about the event?

The event is scheduled to take place from June 26-28, with the participation of 15-30 companies, to promote 25-30 products, focusing on major Vietnamese agricultural exports, such as fruit, seafood, vegetables, processed food and beverages. The main activities will include introducing products to distributors and wholesalers, restaurants, hotels and supermarkets; business-to-business (B2B) exchanges; and culinary performances.

France is the third largest economy in Europe and the sixth worldwide, with a population of 66 million. It welcomes more than 80 million foreign visitors annually, ranking first in the world. With a large community of Asian people living in Paris and the rest of the country, France has high and stable demand for agricultural imports from Asia. Rungis is the world’s largest farm produce wholesale market, supplying agricultural products and food for the capital city of Paris and its environs, with 18 million consumers. Each day, 6,000 tonnes of agricultural products and food are sold via this market, one tenth of which is exported. The Vietnam Agricultural Product Week 2018 will offer participating companies opportunities to introduce their products to French consumers and establish partner relations with French importers and distributors in order to promote exports.

What has Agritrade done to make Vietnamese products available on Rungis Market’s shelves?

We have studied the French market with the support of the Vietnamese trade office in France and other units concerned. We have also established an information technology and market research department responsible for seeking information about agriculture importing markets, including France, as well as their import regulations, standards and consumer tastes.

vietnamese agriculture targets french palate
France has high and stable demand for agricultural and food imports from Asia

What should Vietnamese agricultural companies do to win the trust of French consumers?

France, in particular, and Europe, in general, is a discerning market with strict requirements in terms of product quality. Therefore, Vietnamese businesses have to meet European standards, ensure food safety and product traceability. Products and packaging must be environment-friendly.

Furthermore, businesses need to have material production areas capable of ensuring sufficient and stable supplies. This allows businesses to meet importer requirements and win their trust in order to sign long-term cooperation contracts. In addition, businesses must not purchase, sell or use illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing products. Brand reputation, social and environmental responsibility reflected in efforts to ensure energy efficiency, reduce carbon-related exhaust emissions and use renewable materials and solar energy will facilitate Vietnamese farm produce access to the French market.

French consumers are polite and precise. They consider cuisine an art form. Therefore, to penetrate the French market, businesses need to affirm their brands, product quality and attractive packaging.

Nguyen Hanh