Vietnam-US medical cooperation enjoys good health

13:05 | 30/07/2020 Cooperation

(VEN) - Vietnam-US healthcare cooperation in general, and in coping with the Covid-19 epidemic in particular, has achieved positive results in terms of information exchange.

The handover of medical supplies by the Vietnamese government and people to support the US government and people

The Vietnamese Embassy in the United States has established a regular exchange channel with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and US officials have praised Vietnam’s effective Covid-19 prevention and control efforts.

From a multilateral perspective, the US also praised Vietnam's role as the ASEAN Chair in 2020 and is discussing with Vietnam and other ASEAN members to promote ASEAN-US cooperation on medical care and Covid-19 prevention.

Vietnam and the US have recently taken effective cooperation steps in Covid-19 prevention and control, such as mutual assistance on medical equipment and experience sharing on disease prevention.

Specifically, Vietnam recently donated medical supplies to the US, including hundreds of thousands of medical masks. US Ambassador Daniel J. Kritenbrink thanked the Vietnamese government and people and praised Vietnam’s outstanding outcomes in combating Covid-19.

He said the donation was a tremendous show of solidarity and support and affirmed that the Vietnam-US relationship, especially in healthcare will continue advancing robustly.

In addition, the CDC has pledged an initial amount of US$3.9 million for preventive and responsive activities against the Covid-19 in Vietnam, including testing, investigations, surveillance, data analysis and infection control.

The Vietnamese Embassy in the US presented medical face masks to officials in Washington DC

The US government’s health programs in Vietnam since the normalization of relations in 1995 have accounted for a large proportion of the total US government assistance to Vietnam.

For example, since 2005 the US President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) has become the largest donor for HIV/AIDS response in Vietnam. The US government is also the largest bilateral donor for influenza prevention in Vietnam and supports other areas of disease control such as tuberculosis, malaria, smoking-related disease, traffic safety, food safety, people with disabilities, natural disaster prevention, marine health and prevention of infectious diseases.

Looking to the future, the US and Vietnam have been building a more robust partnership since 2019 under the Global Health Security Program (GHSA) to detect, prevent and respond better to disease outbreaks. Addressing global health issues together will benefit not only the two nations, but also the region and the world as a whole.

The CDC has partnered with Vietnam to improve its capacity in four essential areas. These include surveillance systems to quickly detect niduses before they spread; a laboratory network to accurately diagnose and identify new pathogens; capacity improvement of frontline health workers to identify, track and prevent outbreaks at the source; and emergency response centers for effective risk coordination response.

Since January 2020, the CDC has assisted Vietnam in preparing and responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, providing direct technical assistance for emergency response activities, transporting specimens, testing, disease tracking, infection control and communication regarding risks.

Working with Vietnam's Ministry of Health, epidemiologists have been trained to conduct investigations of outbreaks by collecting, analyzing and interpreting data, contributing to evidence-based decision making.

They were also involved in developing national guidelines and procedures in infection control, preparedness for health facilities, tracking, testing and maintenance of HIV treatment amid the Covid-19 response.

The goal of the CDC's global health response to the Covid-19 is to limit human-to-human transmission and minimize its global impact through cooperation with key countries and non-governmental partners.

The Vietnam-US medical care cooperation has witnessed strong development in many important areas such

as HIV/AIDS prevention and control; preventive health care; military medical cooperation and science and


Thanh Tam