Vietnam –US cooperation on clean energy development

15:16 | 03/08/2015 Cooperation

On July 29, 2015, in Hanoi, the Ministry of Industry (MoIT) and US Agency for International Development (USAID) signed an Intentional Letter on the clean energy development and energy efficiency to promote the sustainable law emission development in Vietnam.

Vietnam –US cooperation on clean energy development

Mr. Cao Quoc Hung, Deputy Minister of MoIT and Mr. Joakim Parker, Director of USAID attend the Intentional Letter signing ceremony

Accordingly, USAID and the MoIT will cooperate through a 5 year technical support program, that focuses on initiatives related to the capacity building and implementing effective clean energy policies; measures to improve energy efficiency in much energy utilizing fields of the economy; speeding up capacities of the government, private sector and other relevant sides in renewable energy development for Vietnam.

According to USAID Director Joakim Parker, the cooperation between USAID and MoIT aims to concretize the commitments to deal with the climate change, utilize clean energy and renewable energy.

Deputy Minister of MoIT Cao Quoc Hung stressed that, to deal with the climate change is always a centre of interests of the nations around the world.

For Vietnam, the government and ministries have many solutions towards utilizing clean energy and renewable energy for contributing to an environmental protection and anti climate change cause.

Since the normalization of diplomatic relations in 1995, bilateral relations between Vietnam and the United States has been developed ceaselessly in many fields. In current trend when energy development has become a core issue on the agenda of a nation, a region and the international society, so a special importance to the cooperation in energy field between Vietnam and US would be more and more attached.

Based on the Agreement on Economic and Technical Cooperation signed in 2005 between Vietnam and US Governments and as well as the Vietnam – US Strategy on the National Development Cooperation for 2014-2014 period, the US side to speed up support to Vietnam to perform the clean energy program. The cooperation efforts and goodwill of US side through USAID will contribute to promote Vietnam's energy sector developing towards sustainability, environmental friendliness and strengthen an adaptable ability to climate change.

The signing Intentional Letter on cooperation in clean energy development and energy efficiency in Vietnam is a basis for building and developing concrete projects and bilateral cooperation activities in the energy sector in coming time.