Vietnam to potentially become the next “manufacturing hub” in Asia

10:31 | 13/08/2019 Industry

(VEN) - Talking to Vietnam Economic News’ reporter Nguyen Huong, Chairman & CEO of New Century International Co., Ltd. Mr. Le Thanh Vinh said that being aware of global integration, Vietnamese policy makers are welcoming international companies, and trying to give them the same opportunities as the local ones. Vietnam will potentially become the next “manufacturing hub” in Asia.

What do you think about the potential of manufacturing industry in Vietnam?

In my opinion, Vietnam is one the the most potential country in manufacturing industry. Vietnam is enjoying key advantages to promote its industrial development: stable and substantial foreign direct investment (FDI) flow and a young, healthy and low-cost labour force. As a result, the country’s manufacturing industries have been witnessing a dramatic growth. Being aware of global integration, Vietnamese policy makers are welcoming international companies, and trying to give them the same opportunities as the local ones. Accordingly, Vietnam will potentially become the next “manufacturing hub” in Asia.

However, there still exist certain challenges that investors need to take into account such as the over-reliance on FDI that can cause structural problems in the future when FDI-intense sectors outperform the others. This leads to a situation that Vietnam might fall into the middle-income trap. Second is Infrastructure: usually manufacturing costs are increasing due to the great delays of delivery caused by traffic congestion. Moreover, there are newly introduced tonnage rules that worsened the situation by forcing suppliers to make more delivery trips.

Why do you choose VME? And what is your expectation when being in attendance at VME 2019?

We choose VME because VME is one of world’s top exhibition organizers with over 500 events in more than 30 countries. Joining VME is an ideal platform for industrialists by showcasing advanced machines and technologies of nearly 200 brands from almost 20 countries under the theme of Smart Factory.

Secondly, VME offers a valuable opportunity for not only NCI but also other partners in networking, and seeking new effective approach to meet the need of customers. The more life gets change, the more efforts we have to make in order to satisfy our customers and partners in the best way.

Last but not least, as named New Century Int’l - “NCI”, our vision is to improve ourselves to catch up with the pace of industrial development regardings the era of Industry 4.0. VME is one of the keys to open the door of broadening the specialized knowledge, connecting business partner and specialists. Therefore, we can not only widely introduce our products but also receive feedback and valuable advice on our business in general. In other words, thanks for VME, NCI can accomplish our future mission: providing assistance to the local businesses, which leading ones to their success.

I hope VME can still remain the professional organisation as previous events. Moreover, we expect more and more businesses can participate in the event to spread the effectiveness of such machine exhibitions. The more participants, the more value that we can create and gain.

Please tell us how many times you participated in VME? What impressed you about the past editions of VME, customer reactions, details of business negotiations, etc.?

We have participated in VME more than 10 times. So you can see, we have to say that VME have a very good impression on us. As one of the exhibitors, we are rather pleasant with professional way on logistics and arranging programmes for participants. We did receive many helpful feedback and comments from customers who visited our boots. Furthermore, we has had a chance to join in the business network to approach nearer to our business partners.

Could you share with us the latest/highlight product you would like to promote this year? Please pick one and describe key features of your product?

This year, we would like to promote 5 main products:

  • TIG filler welding robot: FD-V8+ WB-A350P (brand OTC)
  • Laser welding robot: FD-V8 + welding power source UW Laser
  • Nabtesco gearbox
  • Schunk grippers
  • Daishin N-500 brazing burner
  • Kobelco welding materials

Also, FD-V8 (below image) is an achievement of motion performance that excels competitors for the improvement of productivity and welding performance which increases the maximum speed by up to 40% reducing the tact time of robot movement, as well as has smoother movement for Arc start point improving the welding performance of the arc starting point and decreases number of maintenance parts by motor standardization!

Besides, welding power sources UW laser is as the working substance to generate laser. The laser is transmitted via the fiber, and several small power semiconductor lasers are coupled into the fiber to form high power laser to output. Moreover, customer can increase their production or expand your existing product range with high quality components ensure minimal downtime and maintenance.

What is your further development plan related to the industry potential? How can your product/service showcased in the exhibition support that?

Our company’s development future plan is to supply equipment and solutions for metal fabrication. To do that, we aim at serving more and more client portfolio over various fields of industries, ranging from producing motorcycles, automobiles, ships and many other types of machinery to manufacturing and constructing large structures, such as skyscrapers, bridges, airports, thermal power plants, oil refinery plants… Also, we provide solutions depending on unique needs of customers, so we work closely with end-users as a complete package provider; we assist our customers in every step, from initial brainstorm to end products to ensure that customers’ demand is fully realized and addressed.

In the exhibition, we carefully consider our displayed products so that all of them can meet the current needs of customers. Beside, they are all cost-effective and easy-to-handle machines, which turn out to be the best choice to develope your business.

Nguyen Huong