Vietnam takes on production of yeast-based anti-oxidant

06:00 | 04/04/2021 Science - Technology

(VEN) - The Ministry of Industry and Trade has recently accepted a project for trial production of yeast-based glutathione (GSH) inoculants and dietary supplements rich in glutathione.

vietnam takes on production of yeast based anti oxidant
The project’s products

The project’s director Cao Anh Tai said more and more countries are developing GSH from yeast, which is widely used in production of anti-aging pharmaceuticals and supplements for food processing.

Scientists, pharmaceutical enterprises and biotechnology companies worldwide are seeking to improve production technology and product quality, and minimize product cost in this field.

Vietnam does not have domestic producers of GSH inoculant and has to import the anti-oxidant to cater for production, Tai said. The project is expected to help make high, stable quality GSH containing products in Vietnam for commercial sales, Tai said.

The project has already bred yeast type S.cerevisiae SH09 capable of large-scale fermentation, while finding technological parameters suitable for GSH creation from yeast type S.cerevisiae SH09. The obtained dried yeasts had a GSH concentration rate of ≥ 2.3 percent.

In addition, technological parameters for extraction, concentration and drying have been determined to obtain >15 percent GSH inoculants. The project has optimized the purification of extracts to improve purity and create > 30 percent GSH inoculants, formed industrial processes to produce GSH-rich yeast with a capacity of 10 tonnes per year and 1,000kg of 15-percent GSH inoculant from yeast biomass annually.

vietnam takes on production of yeast based anti oxidant

The project has combined existing with newly purchased equipment to create two yeast biomass and GSH production models.

In particular, the project has created 8,500kg of GSH-rich yeast, 350kg of 30-percent GSH inoculant, 170 kg 15-percent GSH inoculant, and 1,000,000 GSH capsules Traly Gluwhite. GSH-rich yeast biomass products, GSH inoculants, and Traly Gluwhite capsules all have been pronounced with clear standards in accordance with current regulations.

Project researchers have introduced 15 and 30-percent GSH inoculants and GSH-rich capsules Traly Gluwhite to different pharmaceutical companies and have received positive feedback through contracts in principle.

Tai said GSH inoculants and products rich in GSH are domestically produced with strictly controlled technological processes, and they have high and stable quality and a price much lower than that of imported products of the same kind.

The project contributes to the domestic food processing industry’s development, and helps increase the use of local raw materials and create jobs.

The project’s products have gradually entered the domestic dietary supplement market.

Quynh Nga