Vietnam successfully manufactures device to monitor Covid-19 risks

06:00 | 09/11/2021 Science - Technology

(VEN) - CLi-SmartEyes monitors the medical declarations of those entering public places to detect risks of Covid-19 infection, introducing a cheaper device into this burgeoning market than imported products.

vietnam successfully manufactures device to monitor covid 19 risks
The authentication process with CLi-SmartEyes

Saving human resources

CLi-SmartEyes has been manufactured successfully by Associate Professor Pham Hong Quang from the Center for Informatics and Computing under the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology and his colleagues. The box-like device integrates many features, such as body temperature measurement, QR code scanning, face recognition and peripheral oxygen saturation (SpO2) monitoring.

Quang said strict control of public places is necessary to prepare for gradual re-opening of the economy alongside the continuing pandemic. According to preliminary Ministry of Health calculations, about 6.5 million facilities are expected to check body temperature and scan QR codes at their doors, including state agencies, businesses, industrial zones, hospitals, schools, bus stations and apartment buildings. Without installing CLi-SmartEyes, this would require at least 6.5 million employees.

The device consists of an embedded computer with a built-in camera, infrared temperature sensor, face recognition software, QR code reader, and a screen and sound chip to announce the results.

Those entering buildings will be asked to place their forehead three centimeters away from the sensor to measure body temperature and scan QR codes. The device will automatically report body temperature and the level of pandemic risk on a basis of medical declaration, epidemiological history, vaccination shots and Covid-19 testing. Data will be displayed on the screen and those who do not qualify will hear an alarm. The Ministry of Health will also use the collected information for contact tracing in the future.

vietnam successfully manufactures device to monitor covid 19 risks
The device used in the Hang Da Market

Using artificial intelligence

The research team included more than 20 IT engineers with many years of experience in applying products for smart city management and traffic. The group started to design the device’s hardware, write software and conduct experiments by the end of 2020. After testing and upgrading, the device was completed by mid-August 2021.

To ensure the authenticity of medical declarations via personal QR codes, CLi-SmartEyes also uses face recognition technology to detect those using other people’s QR codes. The device has an additional sensor for SpO2 monitoring. People who need to check their oxygenation level can put their finger on the sensor for several ten seconds. Data on heart rate and SpO2 will be displayed on the screen. If the results indicate danger of illness, the device will recommend going to the nearest medical facility.

Domestic production and self-reliance in technology ensure cheaper products than imported ones. The device has different prices depending on the needs for each of its features and different designs.

Thanks to CLi-SmartEyes, each medical declaration is completed within 10 seconds. The device has been used so far in the headquarters of the Cua Dong People’s Committee in Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem District, Hang Da Market and the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology.

Nga Quynh