Vietnam spends over US$1 billion importing vegetables, fruits

14:24 | 10/09/2017 Trade

Viet Nam imported vegetables and fruits worth US$1.02 billion in the first eight months of 2017, a year-on-year increase of 94 percent.

In August alone, the country spent nearly US$170 million on imported green produce — Photo

Of this, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development said, the import value of vegetables was around US$200 million, while fruits imports were more than US$800 million, double the same period last year. In August alone, the country spent nearly US$170 million on imported green produce.

Thailand remains Vietnam’s largest import market, with 62 percent of the market share in the January to August period. China ranks second, making up 16 percent of the country’s vegetables and fruits import value.

In spite of being an agricultural country that exports its green produce across the world, Vietnam has spent a huge amount of money importing vegetables and fruits. The country’s fruit and vegetable imports from Thailand rose by 3.2 times from last year, while its imports from the Indian and New Zealand markets were 2.2 times and 2 times higher, the ministry said.

The fruits imported include apple, orange, pear, kiwi, cherry (from New Zealand and Australia), mango and custard apple (from Thailand). Products imported from China are mainly cabbage, lettuce, potato, orange and apple.

During the January to August period, Vietnam also shipped US$2.32 billion worth of fruits and vegetable to other markets.

Theo VNS