Vietnam sees over 50 percent of communes meet new rural standards

08:29 | 28/07/2019 Society

An estimated 50.1 percent of rural communes in Vietnam fulfilled the criteria of a new rural area as of June 2019, a threshold achieved 18 months ahead of schedule, a government official has announced.

Local youths take part in a rural road construction project in Cao Bang province - Photo: NDO

Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Vo Thanh Tong said at a conference on July 25 that the 50 pct threshold was initially planned for 2020.

Statistics show that 5,458 communes met all of the 19 criteria, up 620 communes from the end of 2018.

Tong added that 82 out of 644 districts in 36 provinces and centrally-governed cities have been recognized by the Prime Minister as new rural districts.

All communes have fulfilled 15.26 criteria on average and no communes meet fewer than 5 criteria.

New initiatives have been introduced during the implementation of the program to build new rural areas in many provinces to suit their specific conditions and local practices.

However the new rural construction progress in a number of localities still remains relatively slow in comparison with the national average and there is a stark difference in results between regions.

The Red River Delta recorded the best performance in building new rural areas with 82.74% of communes being recognized as new rural communes while the poorest result was seen in the northern mountainous region with just 26.45% communes having completed the program.

Theo NDO