Vietnam, RoK filmmakers promote cooperation

16:31 | 21/06/2017 Society

The 2017 Korea-Vietnam Film Industry Network, held in co-operation between the Vietnam and the Republic of Korea (RoK) film industries, has concluded in HCM City.

A scene in Sac Dep Ngan Can (Heavy Beauty), a Vietnamese remake of the Korean blockbuster 200-Pound Beauty released in 2006, will be in cinemas early next month - Photo courtesy of the producer

The two-day event gathered cultural representatives from the two countries and dozens of State-owned and private film companies and distributors.

It included meetings on filmmaking, scriptwriting, distribution, post-production, technologies and human resources, in which Vietnamese and Korean filmmakers and film distributors met and shared experiences.

Do Duy Anh, deputy director of the Vietnam Cinema Department (VCD), said: “We have worked closely with the Korea Film Council (KOFIC) to offer opportunities for young Vietnamese directors to develop their business.”

Lee Sang Seok, a member of KOFIC, said the film council would give stronger support to Vietnamese film companies in an effort to boost co-operation between the two countries.

“KOFIC will open a representative office in Vietnam soon,” he said.

The Vietnamese film industry has developed strongly in recent years, reflecting an increase in the number of films as well as quality and diversity in film topics.

The industry’s revenue reached more than 132 million USD last year, an increase of 27.2 million USD compared to 2015, reported by the VCD.

Last year, 41 Vietnamese feature films were released, making up more than 26 percent of market share, earning 35.5 million USD in ticket sales.

“We have seen the success of co-operation with the Republic of Korea partners in recent years. We expect higher profits in the future,” said Vu Thi Hong Nga, a senior official of the VCD, referring to the film Em La Ba Noi Cua Anh (Sweet 20), a Vietnamese remake of the RoK film Miss Ranny, which was released last year.

The film, directed by young talent Phan Gia Nhat Linh of HCM City, made a record at the domestic box office after earning more than 130 billion VND (4 million USD)

Another project, Sac Dep Ngan Can (Heavy Beauty), a Vietnamese remake of the RoK blockbuster 200-Pound Beauty, released in 2006, will be in cinemas early next month.

The film is directed by James Ngo and stars young pop idols Minh Hang and Rocker Nguyen.

The producer Show BT and RoK partners worked together in make-up and costume design, soundtrack composition and post-production.

Sac Dep Ngan Can promises big profits in ticket sales.

“We plan to issue new policies about filmmaking and film distribution to promote the local film industry and attract more foreign filmmakers,” Do Duy Anh from VCD said.

He said that the department targets having 80 Vietnamese films released and 110 million people going to the cinema by 2020.

The 2017 Korea – Vietnam Film Industry Network was organised by VCD and KOFIC.

Theo VNA