Vietnam remains world’s second largest shoe exporter

15:18 | 07/04/2018 Trade

Vietnam has earned over US$2.8 billion from exporting shoes since the beginning of 2018, thus maintaining second position in the world in terms of shoe exports.

Vietnam remains world’s second largest shoe exporter - Photo: VNA

According to the 2017 statistics of the World Footwear Magazine, Vietnam ranked second among the top 10 largest footwear exporters for the third consecutive year in 2017, with 1.02 billion pairs of shoes, equivalent to 7.4 percent of the global footwear supply.

China continued to be the top exporter, with 9.31 billion pairs of shoes.

The Vietnam Customs Office said that the country’s shoe export turnover has increased over recent years, from US$8.4 billion in 2013 to US$14.65 billion in 2017 – an increase of 12.3 percent.

Of the total, US$11.78 billion, or more than 80 percent, was generated by foreign-invested enterprises.

Last year, a total of 863 enterprises shipped their footwear products abroad, up 15 percent annually.

The US was the largest market of Vietnamese footwear, buying more than US$5.1 billion in 2017. With US$1.14 billion, China was the second largest importer of Vietnamese shoes, followed by Germany (US$992.6 million).

Vietnamese shoes are available in more than 100 markets all over the world.