Vietnam puppetry impresses Norwegian audiences

16:17 | 07/07/2015 Society

Vietnamese water puppetry found favour with Norwegian audiences while being featured at a traditional music festival in Forde city, 400 kilometres from the capital city of Oslo.

Vietnam puppetry impresses Norwegian audiences

The performance of Vietnamese troupe in Norway. Photo: VNA

Vietnamese artists with their skilful hands and colourful puppets told stories of unique customs and hard-working farmers back home.

After each performance, they took time to share technical know-how of the puppetry with curious observers.

The Vietnamese troupe also brought folk songs and traditional musical instruments, such as the monochord and bamboo flute, to the stage.

The annual Forde festival is the biggest of its kind held in Norway. This year, it runs from July 1-5 with the attendance of 300 artists from 30 different countries including Vietnam, India, the Republic of Korea and Senegal./.

Source: VNA