Vietnam prepares well for APEC 2017

10:52 | 14/10/2016 Cooperation

(VEN) - On the sidelines of the 29th Diplomatic Conference taken place in Hanoi from August 22-26, Ambassador Nguyen Nguyet Nga, Senior Consultant to the APEC Vietnam 2017 Secretariat, told the press that Vietnam has been preparing well for this significant event.

How has Vietnam prepared for APEC 2017 thus far?

This will be the second time Vietnam hosts an APEC summit since the first in 2006, so we need to do it better, and we can do it. There are favorable conditions but also many challenges, requiring Vietnam to prepare better in all aspects. Ministries and sectors have proposed ideas and initiatives which could help Vietnam successfully host APEC 2017, meeting new cooperation requirements.

We have to prepare for about 200 conferences and meetings, including 20 senior officials meetings and a one-week summit. This requires Vietnam to prepare very carefully in all aspects of infrastructure, security, healthcare, and many others. Preparations need to be carried out nationwide to ensure the success of these events, which would contribute to promoting the global image of Vietnam. Great attention will be paid to ensuring security in the context of complicated situation in the region and worldwide.

Preparations for APEC 2017 began very early, as soon as the APEC Summit 2013 approved Vietnam’s bid to host the event. Between late 2013 and early 2014, an inter-sector working group was established. In mid 2015, the government set up a national committee for APEC 2017. Active and careful preparations have been carried out in all aspects. Vietnam has taken the initiative in consulting international partners and other APEC members and received their support during the preparation process.

In the era of international integration and information technology, the media plays a very important role. We are making joint efforts with localities and businesses to disseminate information about the benefits that APEC could bring. APEC 2017 will bring APEC closer to Vietnamese people and businesses, as well as deepen Vietnam’s integration into the region and the world. As the host of APEC 2017, Vietnam should show its hospitality and dynamic international integration and renovation.

2017 will see Vietnam’s efforts to fulfill new responsibilities and also bring new integration opportunities. We hope that preparations for APEC 2017 will create an impetus for Vietnam’s development, helping our country increase partner relations and attract more investment.

How much of preparations have been completed so far?

Preparations are underway for the Vietnamese President to attend the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting in Peru this November. So far, about 80-90 percent of the content for APEC 2017 have been prepared.

About 60-70 percent of logistics preparations must be completed within this year. We have to make arrangements for seven or eight ministerial meetings to take place from mid 2017. The first unofficial APEC senior officials meeting will be held this December.

Preparations for the one-week summit to take place in late 2017 will be completed within the first half of next year.

Could you share Vietnam’s initiatives to be proposed at APEC 2017?

Our ministries and sectors are undertaking research to propose suitable initiatives at APEC meetings next year. Vietnam’s initiatives will focus on major concerns and priorities such as growth quality, deepening linkages, economic restructuring, connectivity, support for small and medium enterprises - these will be APEC’s priorities until 2025. We will also propose initiatives to promote human resource training in the digital era, reduce the development gap, establish and maintain linkages with remote areas, develop agriculture, ensure food and water resource security. These are great concerns for not only Vietnam but also other countries.

What does Vietnam expect from APEC 2017?

The decision to host APEC 2017 shows Vietnam’s determination to accelerate its comprehensive integration into the world and upgrade its position in multilateral dialogues.

Vietnam and other APEC member countries have made joint efforts to build a dynamic Asia-Pacific region through tight linkages. The development of this important part of the world is a driving force of global growth. Through APEC 2017, Vietnam expects to contribute to peace, development, connectivity, and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region.

APEC 2017 will help Vietnam mobilize external resources for socioeconomic development, deepen bilateral relations, and increase the cooperation between Vietnamese localities and businesses with foreign partners. It will offer Vietnam a chance to promote its image in the international arena.

Through APEC 2017, we want to show Vietnam’s willingness to boost active and responsible integration into the region and the world, as well as to expand cooperation with foreign partners.

The theme of APEC 2017 will be announced at the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting in Peru this November. APEC 2017’s priorities will be focused on finding new driving forces for sustainable, inclusive, creative growth, and boosting regional economic linkages in the new period.


Recorded by Nguyen Huong