Vietnam plans development of 4G services

14:52 | 02/03/2015 Science - Technology

Vietnam is expected to start developing 4G services by the end of 2015, experts believe, adding that the services will ensure competitiveness and enjoy widespread popularity

Vietnam plans development of 4G services

According to Doan Quang Hoan, director of the Vietnam Authority of Radio Frequency Management, the country has been making efforts to adopt frequency bands for the development of 4G services, foreseeing the trends in new technologies.

He added that Vietnam is one among many countries that already have the bands for 4G services, quoted by, adding that the department has remained focused on adopting these frequency bands in the country during the past to enhance accessibility and efficiency.

Hoan added that the auction for the frequency brands is expected to be carried out by the end of this year or latest by the beginning of 2016.

Choosing a right time for the launch of a new technology is critical, experts said, pointing out that Vietnam was not among the first countries to launch 3G services, but that might have been the right time, considering that equipment prices were more reasonable and contributed to the success of 3G services in the country.

According to network providers, more than 30 percent of mobile subscribers use 3G services and that percentage is expected to increase to more than 50 percent by the end of this year.

Thieu Phuong Nam, country manager of Qualcomm Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos was quoted by the online newspaper as saying that Vietnam is completely ready for 4G services. In addition, the prices of 4G-supported smartphones are much more affordable.

"The development of 4G services in 2015 will impart benefits to both users and network providers," Nam said, adding that the implementation should focus on major cities first, including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang City.

Source VNA