Vietnam, Philippines review cooperation in tackling oil spills

16:26 | 11/03/2015 Science - Technology

The Vietnam Administration of Seas and Islands (VASI) organised a Vietnam-Philippines conference on March 10 in Hanoi to evaluate the implementation of bilateral cooperation in coping with oceanic oil spills and to outline future collaboration plans.

Vietnam, Philippines review cooperation in tackling oil spills

According to VASI Deputy General Director Vu Si Tuan, the bilateral agreement on mitigating ocean oil spills, signed in October 2010, demonstrated both sides awareness of the significance of partnership in the management and use of seas and maritime resources.

A plan to realise the agreement was also approved by the Vietnamese Prime Minister on October 2011, focusing on organising trainings and drills to clean oil spills as well as raising the sense of responsibility among the community to protect the environment.

So far, Vietnam has actively coordinated with the Philippines to conduct activities in the framework of the agreement, contributing to enhancing the capacity of both countries in monitoring, detecting and responding to oil spills. The activities have also helped raise public awareness of environmental protection, said Tuan.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment sent a delegation to the Philippines in October of last year to discuss methods to implement the agreement, he noted, adding that Vietnam has conducted 14 projects in line with the stipulated framework.

Representatives from the Philippine Coast Guard held that the partnership between the two countries in handling oil spills has proven efficient.

The Philippines proposed that the two countries increase their capacity to tackle oil spills by expanding personnel training, strengthening the collaboration mechanism and enhancing information sharing with other countries.

Linking the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, Vietnamese waters are some of the busiest maritime routes, hosting a number of oil ships and facing a high risk of pollution.

Source VNA