Vietnam participates in World Folklore Festival

14:53 | 07/08/2017 Society

A Vietnamese art troupe, led by Director and Meritorious artist Thanh Son, participated in the World Folklore Festival 2017, in Bistrita city, Romania, from July 27-31.

Vietnam participates in World Folklore Festival

The festival has brought together artists from India, Singapore, Indonesia, Turkey, France, Ukraine, Vietnam, Greece, Italy, Serbia and the host, Romania.

Vietnamese artists performed signature songs and dances of the country’s Kinh people and the ethnic minority groups – Thai, H’Mong, alongside those from the Central Highlands.

Highlights included the T’rung and “dan bau” (monochord) solo performances that featured Vietnam’s unique wooden folk instruments.

The “Vietnam Night” was broadcast live on July 29, in which “dan bau”, the indigenous Vietnamese monochord zither made from a dried gourd, was introduced to the local audiences.

The festival aimed to introduce the unique cultures from Asian and European countries.

Theo NDO