Vietnam Motor Show 2016: Accelerate to Celebrate

15:34 | 27/07/2016 Society

(VEN) - Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association official announcement: Vietnam Motor Show 2016 will be held from 5th to 9th October , 2016 at the International Exhibition Centre, No.91, Tran Hung Dao Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

Vietnam Motor Show 2016: Accelerate to Celebrate

Vietnam Motor Show 2016: Accelerate to Celebrate

Vietnam Motor Show (VMS) is the key activity of Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association (VAMA). The event was first launched in 2002 with the aim to create a prestigious and professional place for all VAMA members to promote new products and reach the target customers. Hence, VAMA hopes to bring a change to the domestic automobile industry and boost the sustainable development of Vietnam market in general.

To continue the success of previous events, VMS2016 – the 12th show will be held from 5th to 9th October, 2016 in Hanoi. The total exhibition area is about 11,000m2, shared by 11 VAMA members with 13 car brands. The larger space of the event this year will give more room for participants to introduce and promote their products.

After 3 consecutive events 2013 – 2014 – 2015 held in Ho Chi Minh City, in 2016, Vietnam Motor Show will return to Hanoi. VMS 2016 is a strategic step to express VAMA’s vision that put the concentration on Hanoi market particularly and Northern market generally. It’s important because Northern market is hugely potential, contributing 46% to the national car consumption. In 2016, this market is expected to see remarkable growth so that VMS 2016 will play the role of a “kicker” spurring the development.

 “Speedometer” is chosen to be the VMS 2016’s symbol to emphasize the message of this year event: “Accelerate to Celebrate”. In 2016, Vietnam automobile industry will witness many changes in both policy and consumer demand. The policy on excise tax reduction applied since July 2016 is expected to result in deep discounts on many car lines. Hence, mid-range customers will have more opportunities to own a car. On the other hand, the application of several digital driving technologies is optimizing users’ experience with higher modernity and safety. These trends can be seen clearly in every product introduced in the show. Therefore, we define the message as “Accelerate to Celebrate” to affirm VAMA’s open-mindedness to keep pace with this trend. VAMA will accompany with customers to build their own completely convenient lifestyle and accelerate to conquer the future. Speedometer, chosen as the show’s symbol, will inspire everyone to be faster and more forceful on the race to go beyond boundaries and reaching a higher peak.

VAMA – 16 years devoted to the development of Vietnam automobile industry

VAMA was founded on August 3rd, 2000 with the aim to assemble 17 independent automobile manufacturers into an united body, of which goal is to bring the best transportation solutions to community. VAMA is operated on the basis of voluntary principle by the automobile manufacturers licensed to operate in Vietnam. Thus, from the beginning, VAMA has listened to all points of view to ensure the harmonization among members before entering into any agreement.

Hence, throughout the last 16 years, VAMA has proved its leader role in the automobile industry of Vietnam, contributing vastly to domestic socio-economic development. The total sales of VAMA is recorded to exceed 130,000 vehicles annually, addressing nearly 80% of Vietnam market’s demand for passenger cars and 60% for commercial vehicles. Besides, VAMA constantly implements R&D activities to seek improvement in technology, speed up support industry and cut production costs. As a result, cars will be at higher quality and affordable for more people.

VMS2016 is expected to maintain the position of the largest and the most prestigious motor show in Vietnam, bring domestic manufacturers and consumers closer together. It is an event where automobile manufacturers effectively introduce their products, promote sales as well as study and keep up with the current demand of customers. Meanwhile, customers have opportunities to experience the newest car models and buy them at a preferential price. Latest information about domestic automobile industry and the trend of consuming cars are also updated in VMS. Moreover, the participation of partners who have the same vision (such as banks, insurance companies, automobile suppliers...) will optimize the benefit for customers.

Especially, a lot of interactive activities will be executed in order to bring customers through unforgettable experiences when “seeing and purchasing” cars.VMS2016 is also considered as a “golden opportunity” for customers to experience these changes in the most authentic way and own high quality cars at the best price.

Anh Ngoc