Vietnam Manufacturing Expo creates overall strength in the process of international integration

10:12 | 25/08/2019 Industry

(VEN) - Vietnam Manufacturing Expo (VME) will be an opportunity for Vietnamese enterprises to connect together, to create an overall strength in the process of international integration, Nguyen Duy Toan, Deputy Director for Hong Ky Company told Vietnam Economic News.

What is the reasons that you choose VME? How many times you participated in VME? And what impressions you have exhibited at VME in the past?

Hong Ky, the company with more than 35 years of experience in the mechanical - manufacturing machine. It is being the first enterprise to research and produce successfully in Electronic welding machine in Viet Nam. VME has created reputations after organizing many times, Hong Ky believes that this is the best opportunity to find and connect many domestic and foreign businesses.

It is known that Vietnam Manufacturing Expo is Vietnam's leading exhibition on machinery and technology for manufacturing industry and supporting industries. This is the first time Hong Ky joined VME where is large-scale exhibition with 3 "Super Exhibitions" focusing on many famous brands on Worldwide.

This exhibition will be an opportunity for Vietnamese enterprises to connect together, to create an overall strength in the process of international integration. VME 2019 is a demonstration of a variety of modern machines and technologies of 200 brands from 20 countries in the manufacturing and auxiliary industries. Through a large number of visitors, conference programs, exchange activities will help suppliers and distributors find their potential customers.

Hong Ky hope we will find an enterprise to buy motor to attach to the products of machine manufacturing companies in VME this year, promote the industrial welding machine line of Hong Ky to professional construction and mechanical processing companies wanna to take Hong Ky welding machine into professional construction and mechanical processing companies.

In a large exhibition VME, we expect that we will meet partners whom are suitable for long term cooperation in future, because Hong Ky always understands that improving quality and optimizing production is not missing in 4.0 industrial era.

What is the highlight product you would like to promote this year? Please describe key features of your product?

We would like to bring a pioneering a product is HK MIG 200I in this time. Our products are designed and manufactured bases on the latest principles and technologies with high capacity, not error, durable welds. This product will be best to provide all demand of professional engineers with the most attractive price.

At this exhibition, we are also showing the latest MIG 200I welding machine that is good for industrial and civil use.

What do you think about the potential of manufacturing industry in Vietnam? What is further development plan of your company in related to the industry potential? How will your product that appear in the exhibition can support that?

Hong Ky has been and will continue to research and develop product line which is suitable for all the market. And focusing mainly on service metal processing, manufacturing companies, shipbuilding, construction with large-capacity industrial welding machines, the most modern and accurate CNC technology.

Hong Ky is known to be a leader enterprise in manufacturing machines in Viet Nam such as welding - drilling – cutting machine, motor to provide in mechanical processing. Our products have almost all Market segmentation. This year and near future, Hong Ky direction to develop welding industrial line.

My country has nearly 100 million people and a strong breakthrough in industry and services, the demand of the market is extremely large. Young, energetic, and eager to learn labor helps businesses not only increase production but also scale production to meet domestic and export demand.