Vietnam launches cleaner production program for coming decade

10:00 | 31/12/2020 Industry

(VEN) - The national action plan on sustainable production and consumption for the 2021-2030 period, developed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT), will adhere to the UN’s sustainable development goals aimed at ensuring sustainable consumption and production (SCP) patterns.

vietnam launches cleaner production program for coming decade
The Ministry of Industry and Trade encourages enterprises to invest in technological innovation to reduce environmental pollution

The strategy on cleaner production for the 2010-2020 period, approved by the Prime Minister in 2009, set a cleaner production (CP) goal in industrial production establishments in order to improve efficiency in using natural resources, fuels, raw materials and other materials, as well as reduce emissions and limit pollution, enhancing environmental quality, human health and sustainable development.

The MoIT has presided over implementing four out of five projects of the strategy, including raising awareness and capacity of CP application in industry, building and operating databases and websites on CP in industry, technical assistance on CP application in industrial production establishments, and completing the network of organizations supporting CP in industry.

During a decade of implementation, Departments of Industry and Trade around the country have organized 337 seminars, trained more than 25,000 people, and appointed staff to participate in intensive CP training courses. They have also developed a website on Cleaner Production Strategy at in order to regularly update CP activities and answer questions. As a result, there are 47 industry promotion and energy-saving centers nationwide, and experts specializing in CP are deployed across 63 provinces and cities.

The CP strategy in industry has targeted businesses as beneficiaries. The MoIT has developed and disseminated more than 20 technical guidelines on CP for different industries, performed quick assessments for 411 enterprises and detailed ones for 102 enterprises. It has also built two CP technical demonstration models. Local departments have supported quick assessments for 355 enterprises and CP application and CP models for 88 enterprises.

The total cost of implementing the strategy over 10 years is about VND141.79 billion, VND15.89 billion of it from the national budget, VND115.9 billion from local budgets of 41 provinces and cities, and VND10 billion donated by Denmark.

Decade-long achievements

After 10 years, 68.5 percent of enterprises are aware of the benefits of applying CP, an increase of 20.5 percent compared to 2010. Almost 47 percent of production establishments apply CP, up 35.9 percent compared to 2010, 12 percent of which have achieved savings of 8 percent or more in energy and fuel reduction per unit of product. In addition, 21 percent of medium and large-sized enterprises have a department specializing in CP activities.

In order to continue implementing the strategy, the MoIT has launched the national action plan on sustainable production and consumption for 2021-2030. It aims to further reduce by 5-10 percent raw material consumption in industries, successfully build 20-30 models of sustainable production and popularize and replicate them.

Other goals are for over 85 percent of supermarkets and trade centers to use environmentally friendly products and packaging, and over 80 percent of central cities and provinces to propagate sustainable consumption. Information to raise awareness of CP and sustainable consumption will be available in over 70 percent of industrial zones and clusters, and between 70 and 90 percent of provinces and cities will develop action plans integrated into socioeconomic development programs.

Hoang Lan