Vietnam-Korea science, technology institute launched

15:02 | 18/01/2018 Science - Technology

(VEN) - The Vietnam-Korea Institute of Science and Technology (V-KIST) was officially inaugurated in Hanoi on November 21 after five years of preparation. The V-KIST is the largest project ever given to Vietnam by the Republic of Korea (RoK).

vietnam korea science technology institute launched
Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam (middle) at the V-KIST launch ceremony

Staff benefits

The program is aimed at helping enhance the country’s scientific and technological potential, increase business competitiveness and contribute to economic development. The V-KIST is expected to become a technology and solution supplier for enterprises in Vietnam.

Modeled on the Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), with total budget of US$70 million (the RoK contributing half of the project’s total budget), the V-KIST is supported by the state for its regular annual operating expenses and payable taxes for up to 10 years. In addition, a specific financial mechanism is applied to ensure that highly qualified scientists, who are foreigners and Vietnamese at home and abroad, will participate in scientific activities at the institute.

Each scientist will be given the best possible conditions to perform the work. In addition to high wages, they also enjoy other incentives such as transportation facilities, public housing, tax exemption in buying vehicles, and 30-percent cost reduction in sending children to international schools.

At the launch ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam said the birth of the V-KIST has met the urgent need for a strong reform of the management mechanisms and working methods in scientific research in Vietnam, contributing to quickly and effectively applying achievements of science and technology in life, business and production.

The country needs to have a new model to establish research networks, and the government hopes the V-KIST will prove its efficiency, Vu Duc Dam said.

IT and biotechnology

vietnam korea science technology institute launched
V-KIST model

It is hoped the V-KIST will become a leading provider of technology solutions for businesses in Vietnam. According to Minister of Science and Technology Chu Ngoc Anh, the V-KIST has a team of highly qualified scientists with modern facilities, high self-reliance mechanisms and advanced management procedures. The V-KIST’s mission is to become a leading multi-disciplinary organization in applied science research and modern technology development.

Chu Ngoc Anh also said the V-KIST cooperated with Vietnamese and Korean experts to conduct an industrial survey for economic sectors. The survey showed that information technology and biotechnology are the two fields of study that will spearhead the institute’s program of scientific research.

V-KIST President Kum Dongwha said information technology plays an important role in Vietnam’s development as it not only exploits the country’s strengths, but also supports growth of many fields. For example, to ensure supply of the ever increasing demand for power, management systems have to be upgraded through smart grid technology. In addition, information technology is also needed to run Vietnam’s smart cities.

In terms of biotechnology, the V-KIST will focus on developing post-harvest preservation technology and improving the value of Vietnamese herbs. Through research and development activities, the V-KIST will build a common platform for drying and freezing technologies, so that it can be applied to many kinds of agricultural products.

H.E. Lee Hyuk, RoK Ambassador to Vietnam, said Vietnam is his country’s largest economic partner in the ASEAN region. By sharing experiences with Vietnam, the RoK government hopes to contribute to the development of Vietnam’s science and technology. The V-KIST is expected to boost cooperation in science and technology between the two countries, as well as meet the development needs of Vietnam.

Quynh Nga