Vietnam joins ASEAN Village at Multicultural Festival in Australia

14:26 | 23/02/2017 Society

The Vietnamese Embassy in Australia participated in the ASEAN Village at the 2017 Multicultural Festival which took place from February 17-19 in the capital of Canberra.

Vietnamese booth attracts a large number of visitors (Credit: vietnamplus)

This was the first time all 10 ASEAN countries gathered in an area at the festival, creating a favourable environment in which for visitors to learn about their land, people, culture and traditional cuisine.

At the event, Vietnam, along with other regional countries, displayed cultural publications and souvenirs as well as traditional dishes and specialities. In addition, visitors to the festival had a chance to enjoy traditional arts performances of ASEAN countries.

The formation of the ASEAN Village at this year’s festival aimed to introduce the diverse culture of the Southeast Asian region to foreign friends, particularly Australian people, as well as to demonstrate the solidarity of ASEAN countries, said Vietnamese Ambassador to Canberra Luong Thanh Nghi.

With over 300,000 Vietnamese living, working and studying in Australia, Vietnam has significantly contributed to the cultural diversity of the nation, added Ambassador Nghi.

By participating in the festival, Vietnam can effectively introduce the beauty of its land, people and culture, contributing to tightening the friendship and co-operation between the two countries, particularly mutual understanding between the two peoples.

Over the past 42 years, the bilateral co-operation between ASEAN and Australia has developed well, particularly in the economy.

Visiting ASEAN booths, Rachel Stephen-Smith, Minister for Multicultural Affairs of the Canberra Capital Territory (ACT) government, said that the ASEAN Village was one of interesting areas at the festival and the presence of ASEAN countries indispensable to this multicultural event in Canberra over the past two decades.

The 2017 Multicultural Festival featured over 400 pavilions belonging to organisations, embassies and communities from various countries around the world, stretching nearly 10km along the streets in the centre of the capital.

Last year’s event attracted more than 280,000 visitors.

Theo NDO