Vietnam International Gentlemen Festival announced

10:32 | 13/07/2022 Events

On the evening of July 12, the Vietnam International Gentlemen Festival (VIGF) was formally announced to the public.

The Vietnam International Gentlemen's Festival is a project that consists of a series of activities designed to honor gentlemen who have made significant contributions to the community and society. This initiative brings together many attractive males who are not only gorgeous in appearance and soul, but also have various life experiences to interact, trade, and provide good living inspiration to the community.

VIGF includes various events throughout the project so that gentlemen may interact, exchange, and share their lifestyles - forming a community of gentlemen with diverse vocations but similar interests. Furthermore, guys may enjoy a distinctive lifestyle or the most spectacular forms of men's sports, services, and items here.

The design of a trip with a series of activities to convey a multi-dimensional vision of the image of a gentleman in all areas, from art to life, distinguishes this project. Individuals can come to VIGF to share their experiences no matter where they are, at home or abroad, as long as they have made substantial contributions to the community. Characters with inspiring tales are also a hallmark of the Vietnam International Gentlemen's Festival.

vietnam international gentlemen festival announced

From August 2022 to December 2022, the project was arranged with numerous great programs such as Gent CSR, Gent Talks, Gent Arts, Gent Sports, and Gent Awards. Each activity has a specific meaning and goal, and it receives companionship and support from various units and partners that want to deliver numerous valuable experiences to the playground.

"Gent CSR" - Walking Festival to raise funds for upland children is one of the initiatives combined with the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization - UNESCO-CEP Vietnam. exceptional initiatives to disseminate the message of public health and a better Vietnam

"Gent Talks": A 12-episode talk program covering a wide range of themes.

"Gent Arts" is an opulent art space show that mixes a high-class lifestyle with an inspirational music night to give an uplifting experience of living art. All proceeds from the event will be used to provide scholarships for artists with disabilities in order to foster empathy and inspire them to pursue their talents.

Gentlemen may exercise, discuss ideas, and interact at "Gent Sports."

The "Gent Awards," an honorary award for males who provide a positive spirit, devotion, and inspiration to the community, is the project's most spectacular event. It is set for December 20, 2022.

The title is selected and reviewed by the Appraisal Council consisting of prestigious and highly specialized faces in many fields, with "9 individual awards" including Top 10 inspirational gentlemen, top 10 10 outstanding young gentlemen (under 36), top 5 outstanding leadership gentlemen, men with impressive lifestyles, elegant gentlemen, gentlemen for the community, gentlemen artists for the community, gentlemen breakthrough of the year, dedicated gentleman: the model of the year.

Ngoc Thuy