Vietnam hosts ASEAN Plus Three Junior Science Odyssey for first time

09:39 | 13/07/2017 Industry

The sixth ASEAN Plus Three Junior Science Odyssey (APT JSO) themed "Renewable Energy for Life" is taking place at Hoa Lac Hi-tech Industrial Park, in Hanoi from July 10-15, marking the first time Vietnam has hosted such an event.

vietnam hosts asean plus three junior science odyssey for first time

APT JSO is an annual competition with the aim of developing gifted and talented students, aged between 13 to 15 years, in science and technology fields and to nurture future scientists and engineers.

It also aims to create a venue for students to showcase their talents in science and technology, to develop their thirst for knowledge, and to exchange with their peers in the region. It is participated in by ttudents from the ASEAN member states, and China, Chinese Taipei, the Republic of Korea, and Sweden.

Under the theme ‘Renewable Energy for Life’, this year’s event has attracted 120 students who have experience in competing at scientific competitions and have qualified through their ability at conducting research, teamwork and English speaking.

The students are scheduled to engage in exams in such subjects as physics, chemistry and biology, as well as participating in a laboratory skills competition.

Theo NDO