Vietnam forges stronger ties with Latin America

08:36 | 06/04/2015 Trade

Vietnam’s combined imports and exports with the 33 countries comprising the Latin American market shot up 40.7% on-year to hit US$9.5 billion in three months leading up to April.

Vietnam forges stronger ties with Latin America

According to the latest statistics released by Vietnam Customs, the nation’s overall exports and imports to the Latin American market surged 36.8% and 44.9% on-year to US$4.7 billion and US$4.8 billion, respectively.

The three key markets of Mexico, Brazil and Argentina accounted for the lion’s share of the nation’s exports to the Latin American region.

Vietnam’s exports to Mexico alone for the three-month period maintained strong growth jumping 18% on-year to US$272 million while imports were US$88 million, resulting in a trade surplus of US$184 million.

Key export items included seafood, footwear, garments, electronic goods and spare parts, while Vietnam imports consisted principally of machinery and equipment, animal feed, and fertilizer.

Source VOV News