Vietnam Expo 2018, a chance to meet and greet

08:36 | 10/01/2019 Trade

(VEN) - The 16th Vietnam International Trade Fair (Vietnam Expo 2018) took place in Ho Chi Minh City from December 5-8, with 800 pavilions and the participation of 750 companies from 20 countries and territories. 

vietnam expo 2018 a chance to meet and greet

The attraction of an annual fair

Vietnam Expo has been held annually for the past 15 years, enabling participating companies to introduce new products and seek opportunities to expand their sales networks, as well as offering visitors a chance to access new technologies. Vietnam Expo has introduced a wide range of products in fields such as electronics, electricity, spare parts, industrial machinery, indoor and outdoor furniture, financial services, telecommunications and e-commerce.

Five forums and workshops were held within the framework of Vietnam Expo 2018, according to its organizer, the Vietnam National Trade Fair and Advertising Company (VINEXAD). These included a Vietnam-China economic and trade cooperation forum; an international workshop on global trends and practices in improving quality of life and home decoration; a Vietnam-Belarus Business Council session aimed at deepening and broadening business cooperation; a workshop on corporate social responsibility sponsored by the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC); and a Vietnam-Belarus agricultural cooperation and trade promotion forum.

Expanding business networks

Vietnam Expo not only helps promote trade between Vietnam and other countries, but also enables manufacturers to introduce their brands, expand their sales networks and receive direct feedback from consumers.

Nguyen Mau Khue, Director of MobiFone’s International Telecom Center, a sponsor of Vietnam Expo, said MobiFone introduced its Industry 4.0-based roaming services and other new products and services at Vietnam Expo 2018.

Lazada, a famous online shopping and selling destination, was another sponsor of Vietnam Expo 2018 for the first time. “We have improved our technology to enable customers to use either PCs or mobile devices to access our services. At the same time, we have eliminated commission policy-related barriers and set up a nationwide transportation network to serve customers,” said a company representative.

Foreign companies have participated in Vietnam Expo to seek opportunities to expand cooperation and investment in various fields. Nearly 60 leading companies from Belarus were present at Vietnam Expo 2018, introducing a wide range of products for use in agricultural production and urban development, chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages. Companies from Egypt and Iran also participated in Vietnam Expo 2018 for the first time.

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