Vietnam, Denmark deal with diabetes together

06:05 | 10/08/2020 Cooperation

(VEN) - The estimated number of people with diabetes in Vietnam increased from 2.5 million in 2010 to 3.5 million in 2017 and is forecast to reach 6.3 million by 2025. Denmark is helping Vietnam meet this and other challenges in preventing and managing non-communicable diseases.

The signing of a memorandum of understanding to improve the quality of diabetes care in health facilities

According to Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam Louise Holmsgaard, medical care will continue to be a part of the development plan between the Vietnamese and Danish governments in the coming years.

Medical care is one of the top priorities in Vietnam-Denmark cooperation. A report by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health (MoH) shows that Denmark has closely cooperated and effectively supported Vietnam's health sector in recent years, especially in providing technical assistance and technology transfer in the fields of clean water and environment, food safety, and control of non-communicable disease. Vietnam hopes to keep cooperating with Denmark on building an efficient, fair, modern health system meeting the needs of protection and care, reducing morbidity and mortality rates, increasing life expectancy and improving quality of life.

In addition, Vietnam also wants continued Danish support in the community prevention and control of non-communicable disease; staff training, strengthening capacity of public health services to provide people with better health protection and care; expand the non-communicable disease prevention model phase 2 of the sector’s strategic cooperation project.

Currently, the most common non-communicable diseases in Vietnam are cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and chronic lung disease, accounting for two-thirds of the total burden of disease and 73 percent of deaths annually. An estimated 12 million people suffer from hypertension, nearly three million people from diabetes, two million people from chronic lung disease and about 120,000 new cases of cancer are recorded each year.

The Party and State have adopted various initiatives to manage non-communicable disease, such as the National Target Program for the prevention of hypertension, diabetes, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchial asthma and mental health care. Vietnam has made significant progress in preventive medicine over the past two decades.

However, Vietnam still faces many difficulties and challenges in controlling non-communicable and chronic disease, especially diabetes.

Vietnamese and Danish Ministries of Health are working to establish a new strategic sector cooperation (SSC) to strengthen prevention, early detection and management of non-communicable disease through primary and community health care.

Vietnam is forecast to have about 6.3 million diabetes patients by 2025

Vietnam is forecast to have about 6.3 million diabetes patients by 2025 absent a prevention plan. In response to the challenge, a cooperation program is being implemented between the Medical Services Administration (under the MoH) and the Danish Embassy in Vietnam on medical training for the 2019-2020 period. Vietnam’s MoH highly appreciates the initiatives and contributions from the Danish Embassy in Vietnam to the diabetes prevention and control program in particular and the prevention of non-communicable disease in general.

According to Morten Pristed, Health and Education Counselor, Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam, Denmark will support Vietnam in two main areas: Training and raising awareness of non-communicable diseases, especially of diabetes; Application of information technology and of electronic medical care for health workers in medical training, especially in primary health care. Both fields are closely linked to the objectives of diabetes prevention and control in the National Strategy 2015-2025.

“We look forward to using information and education platforms in raising awareness and training on primary health care through the Diabetes Journey Application and the website on diabetes. The diabetes journey application project is a new and breakthrough approach to improving the capacity of doctors,” Mortan Prissted said.

Thanh Tam