Vietnam asks India to lift suspension of import of Vietnamese goods

10:06 | 20/03/2017 Trade

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) has sent a diplomatic note to India requesting the country follow international practices and early lift its suspension of the import of some Vietnamese products.

India has suspended the import of some Vietnamese products, including coffee bean

The Vietnamese products affected by the suspension are coffee bean, bamboo toothpick, black pepper, cinnamon, bean and dragon fruit.

The ministry also asked the Vietnamese embassy in India to forward the above diplomatic note to Indian ministries and agencies concerned.

India announced the import suspension in early March, which took effect on March 7.

Upon learning the news, the MoIT held a meeting with the ministries of Foreign Affairs and Agriculture and Rural Development to discuss solutions and address the issue at the earliest.

On March 16, the Government Office also issued a document on the Prime Minister’s instructions for the issue.

The PM required the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to work closely with the MoIT and relevant agencies to clarify the issue and propose measures to deal with it within this month.