Vietnam Airlines: Top quality for all flights

08:58 | 27/10/2017 Companies

(VEN) - Certified as a four-star airline in two consecutive years (2016 and 2017) by Skytrax, a world leading airline and airport rating organization, Vietnam Airlines (VNA) is nearing its target to become one of the best airlines in the Asia-Pacific region with its commitment to offering top quality for all flights.

vietnam airlines top quality for all flights

Non-stop innovation

For many years, Vietnam Airlines has been improving service quality continually to pioneer in international integration and meet travelling demands of domestic and foreign passengers, contributing to raising the Vietnamese aviation industry’s position in the world market. Vietnam Airlines is offering flights to 20 domestic destinations through 38 routes and 29 foreign destinations in 17 countries and territories through 52 routes. The corporation’s international operational network has rapidly developed and expanded to Europe (the UK, Russia, France, and Germany), Northeast Asia (Japan, the Republic of Korea, Chinese Taipei, and other countries and territories), and Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar.

Along with opening more air routes, Vietnam Airlines has been invariably upgrading and modernizing its fleet. In July 2015, it officially put into operation two new-generation aircraft models - Boeing 787-9 and Airbus 350-900, which allowed it to comprehensively upgrade services to 4-5 star standards. Vietnam Airlines is operating 11 Boeing 787-9 aircrafts and eight A350-900 planes, mainly using Vietnamese pilots, air stewards and hostesses and technicians. Partners and aircraft manufacturers have rated Vietnam Airlines as one of the best operators of the world’s latest plane models. This has helped improve the Vietnamese aviation industry’s position in the world market.

vietnam airlines top quality for all flights

Vietnam Airlines’ service quality has constantly improved. The corporation’s deputy general director, Le Hong Ha, says, “Ninety percent plus of Vietnam Airlines services have been rated as four to five-star services by Skytrax. The corporation recently launched a round-the-clock customer care center with more than 100 operator desks, and kicked off an online quality service survey program to answer and receive customer inquiries and feedback anytime and anywhere.” As a four-star airline that offers high quality services, including inflight and airport services, for all kinds of travelling, Vietnam Airlines is providing professional inflight and ground services with well trained technicians, stewards, hostesses and other staff members, Ha says.

Vietnam Airlines’ human resources, especially pilots, engineers and technicians, have been constantly improved. The corporation has constructed and developed its VAECO Technical Training Center, Flight Training Center and Vietnam Pilot Training School. It is working closely with world leading, experienced foreign partners such as Airbus, Boeing and Australia’s Airline Pilot Academy while procuring and applying advanced and the latest technologies to implement round-the-clock monitoring of aircrafts’ and engines’ technical status for all flights.

vietnam airlines top quality for all flights

Ready for wingspan

Two years after Vietnam Airlines was transformed into a joint stock company, apart from expanding its operational network, diversifying its range of products and services, upgrading its services to the four-star ranking, and putting into use advanced aircrafts, the corporation has been doing a good job in streamlining its personnel apparatus and operations while pursuing its development goals.

With its missions, Vietnam Airlines is seeking to develop into a cross-continent international network model while closely working with domestic and Indochinese networks as well as with SkyTeam partners and other bilateral partners to ensure its four-star services and image on the global scale.

Vietnam Airlines will continue implementing its competitiveness improvement strategy through maintaining its leading position related to numbers of direct air routes linking Vietnam and foreign countries and territories, diversifying flight destinations, and providing appropriate departure and arrival time. Regarding the domestic market, Vietnam Airlines will prove its prominence as the exclusive domestic air carrier to have integrated international and domestic flight network capable of satisfying diverse customer demands, and better satisfy customers with high service quality requirements.

Vietnam Airlines will develop a modern fleet via increasing the number of its aircrafts to 100 by 2020 and 120 by 2025, prioritizing procurement of advanced and energy efficient planes such as B787 and A350 aircrafts for long and medium-haul international flights, and A321 aircrafts for short-haul international and domestic flights. The corporation will continue to affirm its first ranking among domestic airlines and leading position among air carriers in the region through offering four-star services throughout its flight network.

In the first half of 2017, Vietnam Airlines performed more than 70,400 safe flights, with its average on-time performance (OTP) rate reaching 91.3 percent, 6.1 percentage points higher than the same period last year and 3.3 percentage points higher than the target. Safety always takes the top priority at Vietnam Airlines. From 2007-2016, the insurance price in the global aviation market decreased an average of 12 percent per year, while that offered for Vietnam Airlines reduced almost 30 percent annually. Notably, Vietnam Airlines’ aircraft insurance fee decreased 50 percent over the past five years. That proves that Vietnam Airlines’ first ranking among domestic air carriers in terms of flight and aircraft safety during the past 10 years has increased insurance companies’ trust for the corporation.

Thu Huong