Viet Nam to crack the whip on IP infringements

16:04 | 15/06/2016 Science - Technology

Enforcement efforts will be intensified to achieve Viet Nams goal of effectively protecting of intellectual property rights and upholding IP-related international commitments, the Ministry of Science and Technologys Chief Inspector has promised.

Viet Nam to crack the whip on IP infringements

A meeting talking about IP rights. More enforcement efforts will be intensified to protect IP rights — VNS Photo

Tran Minh Dung announcement was made at a review late last week of the second one- month campaign commemorating World Intellectual Property Day his ministry held with support from BSA/The Software Alliance.

The efforts would encompass all areas of manufacturing, computer software and others, he said.

The first round of checks to find pirated software was made at several companies in the south, with an audit taskforce comprising inspectors from the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism and Ministry of Public Securitys high-tech crime police going through 247 computers and detecting more than 500 unlicensed software.

It is estimated that the illegal software was worth around VND3 billion (US$136,000).

Reviewing the one-month campaign, the ministry reported that various awareness activities had been held during the month.

Dung said: "The campaign combines education and enforcement to increase awareness of the role and value of IP rights in the countrys development and strengthen the establishment, use, development and enforcement of IP rights.

"It makes sure that IP rights really become useful tools to promote science and technology development. It also builds awareness throughout the country about fulfilment of our IP-related international commitments, especially those under the Trans-Pacific Partnership."

Also during the education month, many other activities were organised, including a business roundtable event in co-operation with the Viet Nam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which drew great interest from the private sector, copyright owners and their agents, and international organisations.

The first roundtable of its kind thoroughly discussed Viet Nam's IP commitments under the TPP to help businesses grasp the opportunities that come their way and be prepared to comply with al provisions.

MoST announced that in the first five months of this year, its inspectorate alone received 31 petitions for penalties from copyright owners.

Inspections found 25 entities and inpiduals showing signs of abusing industrial ownership rights, and fines worth VND856 million were imposed.

The infringements included unfair competition and abuse of patents, software solutions, trade marks, industrial designs and trade names./.


Source: VNS