Viet Film Fest to kick off with ‘Huong Ga’

09:31 | 14/04/2015 Society

The Vietnamese American Arts & Letters Association (VAALA) will hold its eighth annual Viet Film Fest on April 16-19, 2015 at the UltraLuxe Cinemas in Anaheim, California.

Viet Film Fest to kick off with ‘Huong Ga’

This year’s festival will kick off with a special screening of the award winning film Huong Ga directed by Nguyen Vo Nguyen Minh.

The film based on a fiction novel by Nguyen Dinh Tu, Huong Ga tells the story of a young female Vietnamese gang leader in Saigon.

Thirty-one films, including 10 movies and 21 short films, from Vietnam, Australia, Canada, Japan, Brazil and the US will be screened at the Viet Film Fest 2015. 

Source VOV News