VFW Spring Summer 2019 brings fashion closer to nature

16:03 | 21/09/2018 Society

Vietnam Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2019 was held from September 11 to 13, at Nung Mountain at Hanoi Botanical Garden for the first time, aiming to bring fashion closer to nature.

Designer Cao Minh Tien (L) and his designs

The remark was made by Minh Hanh, a leading Vietnamese designer and a delegate of the Vietnam Fashion Week’s organizing board, at a press conference in Hanoi on September 10.

“The current trend of fashion development in the world is to look for natural values and fashion shows choose outdoor locations with the desire to eliminate theatrical distances of collections”, designer Minh Hanh said. Meanwhile, Hanoi Botanical Garden is a long historical destination of the capital, with many precious trees that are hundreds of years old. The place has also held a lot of childhood memories of many generations of Hanoians, she added.

As the result, the Vietnam Fashion Week’s organizing board has chosen the park as the venue for the event, designer Hanh said.

Miss Vietnam 2010, Ngoc Han (R), now a fashion designer, and her designs

The Vietnam Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2019 introduced the latest Spring-Summer designs of 15 designers, including Spanish designer Chula, Phuong Thanh, Nhi Hoang, Tran Thanh Man, Cao Minh Tien, Huyen Nhung Nguyen, Xuan Hao, Ngoc Han, Cong Huan, Ha Duy, Tran Thien Khanh, Cao Duy, Duy Nguyen, Thanh Thuy and Minh Hanh.

The latest 15 collections showcase new fashion trends and the designers’ creation, with traditional materials such as silk, jean, khaki, chiffon, and nets, along with handmade details of craftsmen from traditional villages, which promises to paint a vivid picture of Vietnamese fashion in spring and summer 2019.

Theo NDO