Vehicles required to be sealed with energy labels by 2020

16:01 | 10/04/2018 Society

Energy labels will be made compulsory for newly-assembled and unused imported automobiles or motorbikes under a draft Circular outlined by the Transport Ministry’s Vietnam Register. 

Illustrative image - Source: VNA

Per the draft, vehicles must have energy rating labels before being sold. These labels will provide consumers information about power consumption and efficiency.

Statistics showed that there were 3.76 million automobiles and more than 55.1 million motorbikes and motorised vehicles nationwide as of March 15.

Energy labeling has long been used in the European Union, the US, Australia, Japan, the Republic of Korea, China, Singapore and India.

The circular would make labeling compulsory from January 1, 2020 following a voluntary period until December 31, 2019.

Theo VNA