VBPO Joint Stock Company realizes dreams

12:45 | 15/08/2015 Companies

(VEN) - Not only providing services that help reduce business pressures in terms of revenue and professionalize business stages, the VBPO Joint Stock Company also creates stable jobs for Vietnamese disabled people, contributing to social security and bringing wealth and prosperity to the country.

VBPO Joint Stock Company realizes dreams

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), and especially information technology (IT) services, has become indispensable to businesses all over the world. In Vietnam, BPO has been developed for just several years, and VBPO was one of the first Vietnamese companies to join this trend.

VBPO Director Tran Manh Huy said that the company provided BPO services, doing all kinds of work related to the application of IT, from simple things such as entering data, and digitalizing documents, to more complicated jobs such as accounting and financial services, customer care, and graphics processing.

VBPO was established in 2010 and met difficulties during the initial period. It had to compete directly with businesses from two giants in the field of BPO, India and China, not only to build its position in the market but also to show that Vietnamese businesses were absolutely capable to work effectively in this field.

Patiently proving its capability through service quality, the company has attracted a growing number of customers since the third year of its operations. VBPO has attracted not only domestic customers but also more than 30 customers from the US, Japan, and New Zealand, with its annual revenue reaching over US$1.2 million. In 2014, the company achieved a 95 percent growth in terms of revenue and human resources and began to make a profit. This year, its revenue is expected to grow about 65 percent.

“VBPO is proud of its higher worker productivity compared with Chinese workers,” Tran Manh Huy said.

VBPO is also known as a business that has significantly contributed to social security in Da Nang and neighboring provinces in the central region. The company has generated stable jobs for 200 local workers, including poor, disabled, and ethnic minority people.

VBPO achieved these successful results thanks not only to the leadership of its ambitious young leader but also to the state support. Tran Manh Huy said, “Although VBPO operates in a new field, the city has created favorable conditions for the company to work effectively. An open investment environment has also been created allowing the company to save time and money when implementing administrative procedures. I highly appreciate the city’s support and this is the reason why I want to do long-term business in Da Nang.”

VBPO Director Tran Manh Huy:

The greatest dream of my life is to create jobs for the disadvantaged and disabled in Vietnam.



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