VATM increases chartered capital for investment

15:50 | 10/05/2016 Companies

(VEN) - The Viet Nam Air Traffic Management Corporation (VATM) is one of the four corporations in the transport sector that do not have to undergo equitization as their operations are for public utilities. Its main task is to ensure the safety, regularity and efficiency for all aircrafts operating within the airspace under its management.

VATM increases chartered capital for investment

Welcoming the 600,000th flight

The strong growth of air transport in 2015 created opportunities for VATM but also required it to cope with challenges. With strong determination to fulfill its annual plan based on strategic projects which have been approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam and the Ministry of Transport, VATM successfully fulfilled its tasks through the effective control of 640,848 flights, equal to 110.95 percent of the annual plan, a rise of 17.6 percent compared with 2014. Total revenue reached over VND2.23 trillion, equal to 114.79 percent of the annual plan, up 26.7 percent compared with 2014. Contribution to the state budget reached over VND2.22 trillion, equal to 129.58 percent of the annual plan, up 33.2 percent compared with 2014.

VATM has identified 2016 as the Year of Quality Management. It is concentrating on improving technology and modernizing ATS equipment and facilities. In an effort to further improve its safety management system, VATM will apply new and advanced flight procedures and flight management methods to reduce overload for air traffic controllers to ensure the safety of flight operations.

The corporation will develop its organizational structure through its implementation of the Project on Enhancement of Safety and Quality of Air Navigation Services Capacity, which have been approved by the Minister of Transport, focusing on promoting specialization in providing ATS, CNS, MET, AIS, SAR services as well as Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM). On the other hand, VATM will continue to improve the quality of human resources through applying new training and recruitment methods and increasing international cooperation in this field.

VATM’s annual plan for 2016 is to provide ANS services safely for about 700,000 flights, a rise of eight percent compared with 2015’s result; create total revenue of nearly VND3 trillion, up 24 percent compared with 2015’s result, and pay over VND2 trillion in taxes to the state budget.

Vietnam’s deepening integration into the global economy requires the ANS provisions to meet higher standards, highlighting the need to upgrade the technical infrastructure and improve Air Navigation Services Capability. In this context, VATM has got permission from state authorities concerned to increase its chartered capital by approximately VND600 billion to VND3.1 trillion to invest in upgrading its equipment and facilities.

First of all, the corporation will use this additional chartered capital to replace equipment items which have gone through their lifecycles. Neighboring countries have invested in new Communications, Navigation, and Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) systems, so Vietnam needs to upgrade its air traffic management equipment and facilities to ensure their compatibility with those in the region and the world, towards a Seamless ASEAN Sky.

Along with technological investment, VATM will implement high quality human resources training projects, focusing on expanding cooperation with reputable training facilities in the world to train highly qualified air traffic controllers, technicians, and experts.

The domestic aviation sector is growing rapidly and its operations are becoming increasingly complicated, especially at some ATS routes, sectors, and some international airports with high traffic volume such as Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat airports. This is a big challenge to VATM. To overcome its challenges, the corporation has prepared a project aiming to establish an Air Traffic Flow Management Center, and will cooperate with foreign partners in making development strategies in accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organization’s roadmap.

VATM’s nonstop efforts would contribute to enhancing safety for air traffic management systems and ensuring security in the sovereign airspace of Vietnam.


Nguyen Thi Hoa