Vam Ray benefits from ICMP

11:14 | 10/12/2015 Society

(VEN) - The German government has implemented the Integrated Coastal Management Program (ICMP) in the Mekong Delta, including Vam Ray Village in Hon Dat District, Kien Giang Province, in an effort to cope with the environmental changes via strengthening mangrove planting.

Vam Ray benefits from ICMP

Melaleuca fences help protect and develop Vam Ray’s mangrove forest ecosystem

According to Deputy Head of Vam Ray Village Lam Thi Nga, Vam Ray was flooded by salt water in 2006, destroying the majority of local seafood farming pools. However, thanks to coordination between the local government and people and the implementation of the ICMP since 2008, the mangrove forest in Vam Ray has been restored, reducing sea encroachment and gradually stabilizing local people’s production.

“Since the breakwater and related mangrove forest were implemented, we’ve been able to plant sugarcane and banana and farm fish and shrimps without fear for salt water floods,” Nga said.

According to Huynh Huu To, an ICMP technician, ICMP technical staff guided farmers how to set up a melaleuca fences to prevent coastal erosion, mud swept out to sea and seedlings planted in the inner. About one year after being planted, the seedlings could adapt to the local climate and grow.

Since 2008, the ICMP has restored 3ha of mangrove forest in Vam Ray and shaping breakwater, protecting 25ha of agricultural land here. In addition, a 900m honey-myrtle pile fence has helped with protecting 9ha of mangrove forest and 45ha of local agricultural land.

The ICMP management board and local authority has encouraged local people to set up mangrove forest protection teams to prevent locals from entering the forest to catch fish or cut down trees. In return, the teams will be allowed to catch crab in their protected areas.

The successful mangrove forest restoration model in Vam Ray has contributed to forming an embankment reducing the erosion of the waves on local coastal areas. Those areas that were previously seriously damaged by waves have gradually recovered.

Deputy Director of the Hon Dat Forest Management Board Nguyen Tin said, “VND172 million in spending on every ha of mangrove forest in Vam Ray Village is considered much lower than the construction of a concrete breakwater here. So, this model has proved successful in preventing local sea encroachment.


Thu Huong