VAFCO’s multi-nutrient fertilizers highly appreciated

09:16 | 25/10/2013 Companies

(VEN) - The Van Dien Fused Magnesium Phosphate Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (VAFCO) has successfully researched and produced a series of multi-nutrient fertilizers, helping increase agricultural productivity, enrich soil, and improve climate change resistance for crops.

VAFCO-produced fertilizers are suitable for good agricultural practices

According to Ho Chi Minh City National Agricultural Promotion Center (NAPC), VAFCO-produced fertilizers are non-toxic and not chemical products, made from natural minerals insoluble in water but soluble in weak acid environment, providing nutrients for plants from the beginning of the end of crop, suitable for Vietnamese Good Agricultural Practices (VietGAP) and Global Good Agricultural Practices (GlobalGAP). Many countries worldwide have rated VAFCO-produced fertilizers as environmentally friendly products.

Mai Thanh Phung, Deputy Director of NAPC’s Agricultural Promotion and Crop Production Division said, “VAFCO-produced fertilizers have proved best suitable for soil in the Mekong Delta. They are also looked for by many agricultural producers worldwide as they can meet producer requirements that chemical fertilizers can hardly do at all.”

VAFCO have customers from different countries around the world including Australia, Chinese Taipei, India, Japan, and the Republic of Korea. There are more than 20 nutrients in the content of VAFCO-produced fertilizers. In addition, these fertilizers

Specifically, this fertilizer is suitable for soils in many areas including aluminous and salinized soil, bringing superior benefits compared to other fertilizers. VAFCO-produced fertilizers are high quality and have the same amount of calcium, sulfur, zinc, copper, boron, manganese, magnesium, and silicon.

VAFCO adds more nutrients to fertilizers

According to VAFCO General Director Hoang Van Tai, the company piloted multi-nutrient fertilizers in Binh Dinh Province on a salinized plot of rice field that was non-arable. However, VAFCO-produced fertilizers helped produce a fair bumper harvest of rice.

Currently, the company is supplying to the market more than 60 different types of common fertilizers suitable for crops in different periods of growth; and 16 other types of fertilizers dedicated to tea, rice, potatoes, cassava, corn, peanuts, coffee, pepper, and rubber.

From this success NAPC is now busy researching into new rice varieties that are well-resistant to salinized fields and suitable for VAFCO-produced fertilizers for later provides seedlings for farmers in coastal provinces of the country.

Tran Thi Thu Thuy, Head of Phu Tho Province’s Agriculture and Rural Development Department’s Crop Production Division, said “the two local tea companies of Phu Da and Phu Ben that are consuming VAFCO-produced multi-nutrient fertilizers dedicated to tea (accounting for 61 percent of all used fertilizers) have reported double and triple productivity compared to formerly used fertilizers. In addition, tea quality and aroma have also been vastly improved.

VAFCO-produced multi-nutrient fertilizers have reached out to the Central Highlands where is home to coffee that extremely needs calcium for growth while the local soil is poor in this content. Seeing that VAFCO have brought there products suitable for this plant./.

By Nguyen Duyen