VADFCO, shining brand on fertilizer market

11:04 | 30/03/2017 Companies

(VEN) - Products of the Van Dien Fused Magnesium Phosphate Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (VADFCO) have become a prime choice for farmers, significantly contributing to bumper harvests.

VADFCO General Director Hoang Van Tai said that as soon as the company was established, it decided to invest in technology to produce soil and environmentally friendly fertilizers from natural materials.

Consisting of natural minerals but not chemicals, Van Dien fused magnesium phosphate fertilizer products help stimulate the growth and improve the quality of plants while increasing yields. For these advantages, VADFCO’s products are suitable for use in organic farming and high-tech agriculture.

Van Dien fertilizers provide plants with sufficient and balanced multi, medium and micro nutrients, promoting their healthy growth and protecting them against diseases. Van Dien fertilizers are insoluble in water and therefore are environmentally friendly. Thanks to this advantage, Van Dien fertilizers have won the trust of domestic farmers and are suitable for use in high-tech agriculture in developed countries. Importers from Australia and New Zealand even want this advantage to be indicated on the packaging of export products.

Van Dien phosphate fertilizer currently is the first Vietnamese product of its kind meting international standards. Apart from fused magnesium phosphate fertilizer, the company also produces 64 kinds of NPK fertilizer, which are suitable to each kind of soil and variety of plant.

With a distribution network covering 63 provinces and cities nationwide, VADFCO has implemented a customer care policy that ensure maximum interests for farmers. The company has applied a flexible sales policy and provided farmers with instructions to help them use Van Dien fertilizers most effectively. VADFCO has also cooperated with scientists to prove good effect of its products on Vietnamese agriculture, pledging to be totally responsible for the quality of its products.

The company has built international-standard quality management systems such as ISO 9001-2008 and Kaizen 5S to create high-quality fertilizer products.

Thanks to these efforts, the company’s production and business results have improved continuously. In 2016, its total production value reached over VND942 billion, nine percent higher than projected; and total revenue reached more than VND925 billion, up three percent; the company paid more than VND20 billion in taxes, up three percent, and earned profits totaling over VND55 billion; worker income averaged VND9.5 million per person per month. With these results, VADFCO has been honored as a Vietnam National Chemical Group member unit that successfully fulfilled the annual plan for 2016.

General Director Hoang Van Tai predicted that domestic fertilizer businesses would encounter difficulties in 2017 due to the competition with imported products and increases in prices of input materials and transportation costs. Therefore, to achieve its annual targets, VADFCO will concentrate on improving production management and intensifying marketing activities to promote sales.

Ngoc Anh