VADFCO fertilizes the earth, protects the environment

16:47 | 31/08/2020 Companies

(VEN) - The Van Dien Fused Magnesium Phosphate Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (VADFCO) was built in 1960 with two 10,000-tonnes-per-year blast furnaces and a drying and grinding line. After many extensive investments and technology improvements, the company’s annual capacity has increased to 450,000 tonnes of fertilizer of all kinds, including 300,000 tonnes of fused magnesium phosphate and 150,000 tonnes of NPK fertilizers of all kinds, meeting domestic market and export needs.

vadfco fertilizes the earth protects the environment

Avoiding water pollution

VADFCO has been contributing to the agricultural sector’s sustainable development.

VADFCO uses apatite, serpentine and sandstone ores to produce fused magnesium phosphate fertilizers. Its fertilizers are produced with heat technology and without chemicals, making them environmentally friendly and suitable for high-tech and organic agricultural production.

Fused phosphate fertilizers contain 15-19 percent of P2O5 in addition to other essential nutrients for plants including lime, magnesium oxide, silica, and micronutrients such as boron, manganese, copper, carbon monoxide, zinc and iron. Nutrients account for about 97 percent of all the products.

Fused phosphate fertilizers, in general, and VADFCO products, in particular, do not dissolve in water but rather in the environment of emissions from the roots of plants, allowing plants to absorb nutritional substances from soil and avoid polluting water resources. This advantage distinguishes fused phosphate from most other types of fertilizer. Since they do not dissolve in water, these fertilizers cannot be washed away by rainwater or evaporate, remaining in the soil after one crop cycle for use in the next cycles.

VADFCO products are recommended for use in high-tech agricultural production. They sell well domestically and abroad. VADFCO is a pioneer in fertilizer export. The company exported its first shipment to France in 1994, and has since sold products to Australia, Japan, the Republic of Korea (RoK), Chinese Taipei, Malaysia, and Cambodia.

Sustainable development

The company’s exports have been growing annually. VADFCO has consistently realized major solutions to ensure sustainable development and shareholder’s benefit, improve worker incomes and create jobs.

The company has been investing in science and technology research and innovation to improve productivity, product quality, working conditions and the environment.

VADFCO plans to boost its sales activities, ensure healthy competition, and research and produce additional high quality, environmentally friendly fertilizers.

The company fully abides by environmental protection laws and constantly seeks to raise its staff’s awareness of these laws and of the importance of environmental protection and business ethics.

Thanks to investment in science and technology, the company has solved the problem of environmental pollution by reusing solid waste, eliminating wastewater and treating all waste gas, thereby saving hundreds of billions of dong each year and achieving sustainable development.

The company has received a variety of honors, including the Green Environment Award, Green Brand, Top-10 Vietnamese Brands, Vietnamese Golden Agricultural Brand and the award for enterprises pioneering technology innovation for green economic development.

VADFCO has been helping businesses improve efficiency and providing high quality products.

Ngoc Anh