VADFCO fertilizer products nutritious for plants and soil

13:00 | 11/05/2020 Trade

(VEN)-  Products of the Van Dien Fused Magnesium Phosphate Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (VADFCO) are not only good for plants but are also environment and user-friendly.

vadfco fertilizer products nutritious for plants and soil

Environmentally friendly fertilizers

Over the last several decades, the overuse of chemical fertilizers has spoiled the balance of nutrients for plants, increasing disease and reducing yields. Its impacts have resulted in a decline in quality of soil and plants, and air and water pollution, seriously affecting the environment. Therefore, the production and use of environmentally friendly fertilizers are a current concern.

Some countries with advanced agriculture, such as the US, Italy, Spain, Japan, India and Chinese Taipei have conducted research and produced new-generation fertilizers manufactured by nanotechnology, microbiological and enzymatic technology; inorganic fertilizers manufactured by new technologies; fertilizers processed from natural organic materials; and biological fertilizers with high vitality. Vietnam, a major agricultural exporter, is catching up with these trends.

VADFCO fertilizers are produced with heat technology and without chemicals, making them environmentally friendly and suitable for high-tech and organic agricultural production.

Fused phosphate fertilizers contain 15-19 percent of P2O5 in addition to other essential nutrients for plants including lime, magnesium oxide, silica, and micronutrients such as boron, manganese, copper, carbon monoxide, zinc and iron. Nutrients account for about 97 percent of all Van Dien fertilizer products.

Fused phosphate fertilizers, in general, and VADFCO products, in particular, do not dissolve in water but in the environment of exudations from the roots of plants, allowing plants to absorb nutritional substances from soil and avoid polluting water resources. This advantage distinguishes fused phosphate from most other types of fertilizer. Since they do not dissolve in water, fused fertilizers cannot be washed away by rainwater or evaporate. Therefore, the amount of fertilizer remaining in soils after one crop cycle can be used for the next cycles.

The company makes nearly 50 multi-element NPK fertilizer products by combining Van Dien fused magnesium phosphate fertilizers with nitrogenous and potassium fertilizers and micronutrients, which are suitable for each stage of growth of specific crops in different soil conditions. As environmentally friendly fertilizers, VADFCO products are suitable for high-tech and organic agricultural production.

Launching new products

In the context of fierce competition in the fertilizer market, VADFCO understands that creating environmentally friendly products is the key to its sustainable development. Its products not only sell well in Vietnam but are also exported to countries with advanced agriculture, such as Japan, Australia, the Republic of Korea, Chinese Taipei, and Malaysia.

VADFCO aims to bring new types of fertilizer to the market to meet farmers’ needs to produce crops adaptable to climate change by enhancing their tolerance of acidity, salinity and drought.

The application of new technologies in fertilizer production has helped overcome water resource and air pollution and its products have contributed significantly to bumper crops and become a reliable companion of Vietnamese farmers.

Ngoc Anh