VADFCO fertilizer products: Key to sustainable agriculture

13:00 | 10/09/2020 Society

(VEN) - Products of the Van Dien Fused Magnesium Phosphate Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (VADFCO) are a good choice to help increase crop yields and improve farm produce quality, contributing to developing sustainable agriculture.

key to sustainable agriculture
VADFCO fertilizer products are able to meet the needs of high-tech and organic agricultural production

Nutritious for plants

Experimental results show that VADFCO fertilizer products provide adequate macronutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium), essential nutrients (calcium oxide, magnesium oxide and silica) and micronutrients (zinc, boron and molybdenum) for plants, contributing to increasing yields and reducing disease.

In agriculture, investment in fertilizers accounts for 18-22 percent of production costs, but it brings greater economic efficiency. Therefore, the selection of fertilizers suitable with specific crops in different soil conditions is very necessary.

Over the last several decades, the overuse of chemical fertilizers has spoiled the balance of nutrients for plants, increasing disease and reducing yields. Its impacts have resulted in a decline in quality of soil and plants, and air and water pollution, seriously affecting the environment. Therefore, the production and use of environmentally friendly fertilizers are a current concern in order to develop sustainable agriculture.

In the current fertilizer market, VADFCO fertilizer products are able to meet the needs of high-tech and organic agricultural production.

VADFCO fertilizers are produced with heat technology and without chemicals, helping plants grow and withstand pests and unfavorable conditions. Nutrients account for more than 96 percent of all VADFCO fertilizer products.

VADFCO products do not dissolve in water but in the environment of exudations from the roots of plants, allowing plants to absorb nutritional substances from soil and avoid polluting water resources. Since they do not dissolve in water, fused fertilizers cannot be washed away by rainwater or evaporate. Therefore, the amount of fertilizer remaining in soils after one crop cycle can be used for the next cycles.

According to analysis results conducted by experts from Japan and the Republic of Korea, Van Dien fused magnesium phosphate fertilizers achieved very high efficiency (more than 98 percent). These fertilizers are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and good for most crops, such as rice, corn, potatoes, cassava, beans, peanuts, short-term vegetable, flowers and fruit trees.

Van Dien fused magnesium phosphate fertilizers are combined with nitrogenous and potassium fertilizers and micronutrients to make multi-element NPK fertilizer products, which are suitable for each stage of growth of specific crops in different soil conditions.

With a composition of 16 nutritional substances in multi-element NPK fertilizer and 10 in Van Dien fused magnesium phosphate fertilizer, products have contributed to improving agricultural land and providing adequate nutrients for plants.

Upgrading Vietnamese farm produce

VADFCO has made spectacular and comprehensive growth in all fields after many decades of construction and development. With an initial capacity of 20,000 tonnes per year, the company has to date reached a capacity of 300,000 tonnes of phosphate fertilizers and 150,000 tonnes of multi-element NPK fertilizers per year. The company is kicking off the construction of a new plant with a capacity of 500,000 tonnes of phosphate fertilizers and 200,000 tonnes of multi-element NPK fertilizers per year in Thanh Hoa Province’s Bim Son Town.

The company has constantly upgraded technologies, improved production lines and applied scientific and technological achievements in order to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve product quality. Previously, there were two blast furnaces with capacity of 10,000 tonnes per year each with Chinese technology using imported coking coal and grade-1 ore. So far, the company has had three blast furnaces with capacity of 100,000 tonnes per year each with its own technology using all domestic anthracite coal and grade-2 apatite ore. In particular, the company’s local content rate has reached 100 percent since August 2013, with machinery and equipment manufactured by the company itself or placed in the country.

After years of efforts, the company has made several dozens of phosphate fertilizers and more than 60 multi-element NPK fertilizers. VADFCO products have won the trust of farmers nationwide, with the usage rate of 30-35 percent in the north, 35-40 percent in the central region and Central Highlands, and 30-35 percent in the south. In particular, the company’s products are also exported to countries with advanced agriculture, such as Australia, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Cambodia, Chinese Taipei, and Malaysia.

Ngoc Anh