VADFCO appreciates worker role

10:43 | 23/09/2019 Companies

(VEN) - Identifying human resources as the most important factor deciding its success, the Van Dien Fused Magnesium Phosphate Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (VADFCO) has brought into play the role of its workers and trade union, encouraging them to propose and apply technical improvement initiatives in production to achieve higher work efficiency. 

vadfco appreciates worker role

Ensuring worker interests

In 2018, VADFCO continued applying technical improvement initiatives in production, including the use of compressed charcoal and rice husk briquettes for blast furnaces as well as in drying and crushing. Thirteen new initiatives and creative ideas were proposed and applied in production, helping the company improve the working condition and protect the environment better, while at the same time saving manpower and reducing production costs.

The application of new technologies has helped VADFCO enhance the effectiveness of production and business activities, improve worker lives and increase their incomes. In 2018, worker incomes averaged VND9.7 million per person per month. Workers are provided with two meals during each production shift. Those doing toxic jobs are provided with additional milk and fruit juice. All workers have signed work contracts with the company and are paid on schedule.

Last year, the company increased salaries for 106 eligible workers. VADFCO provides its workers with periodic medical examination and specialized medical examination for female workers. In 2018, the company spent VND288 million on medical examination and to buy medicines for its workers. It also spent VND1.1 billion to organize a summer vacation for its staff members and workers. Cultural and sports activities were organized on major holidays of the country and the company.

In 2018, the company paid social insurance premiums totaling VND9.7 billion for its workers and was a leading unit of Thanh Tri District in this field. VADFCO also took the lead in charity activities, with donations amounting to VND204 million.

To ensure safety in production, in 2018, the company worked out a labor safety and fire prevention plan costing more than VND4.51 billion, providing safety training for 1,967 workers. A team of 56 safety supervisors has been established to deal with all matters related to safety at every production shift.

For successful results it has achieved, VADFCO’s staff members and workers received many awards in 2018. Specifically, 36 individuals were recognized as grassroots-level role models; 295 individuals were recognized as high-performing employees; three teams and 13 individuals received certificates of merit from the General Director of the Vietnam National Chemical Group; two teams and one individual received certificates of merit from the Minister of Industry and Trade.

vadfco appreciates worker role

Trade union role

VADFCO’s trade union will tighten its coordination with the company’s management board to intensify propaganda to encourage all staff members and workers to implement its tasks.

Along with launching emulation campaigns, the company will increase propaganda on labor safety among all staff members and workers.

Nguyen Gia Tuong, Deputy Secretary of the Communist Party Committee, member of the Member Council and General Director of the Vietnam National Chemical Group, said that in 2019, VADFCO should concentrates on enhancing the efficiency and strengthening the role of its trade union in production and business activities of the company.

Ngoc Anh