Urgent: Workforce training for craft villages

14:02 | 08/10/2017 Industry

(VEN) - Many craft villages in Vietnam are facing labor shortages and only 12.3 percent of all craft village workers throughout the country have undergone some form of training.

urgent workforce training for craft villages

Labor shortages

There are about 5,000 craft villages in Vietnam, employing 20 million workers. Some 30 percent are regular laborers, and the remaining 70 percent are seasonal workers. Hoang Thai Cuong from the Vietnam Association of Craft Villages’ branding center explains that the labor shortage is especially acute for skilled workers.

The association’s president, Luu Duy Dan, said handicraft villages nationwide are facing serious labor shortages, as many workers in the sector have tended to find better-paid work and a better working environment elsewhere.

However, craft villages are important to the economy. Those in the capital city of Hanoi, for example, earn annual export revenues of US$175 million. They have contributed greatly to economic development in the city, which has one of the largest number of such enterprises.

Improving vocational training

Vocational training is an important solution to ease the labor shortage. Although the state has many preferential policies for vocational training, development and implementation of such programs need to be improved.

Nguyen Thi Thu Huong from the Vietnam Association of Craft Villages’ research and development board said vocational training in the villages themselves consists mostly of short-term courses and remains ineffective, unprofessional and impractical, while the vocational training infrastructure is inadequate.

Huong said the state should encourage training facilities and research institutes to step up training in product design and promotion, promote establishment of product design centers for craft villages, hold crafts contests, honor artisans and skilled workers, and connect enterprises and socio-professional organizations to ensure employment for trained laborers.

Nguyen Thi Thu Huong from the Vietnam Association of Craft Villages’ research and development board says it is important to improve vocational training policies.

Hai Linh