Upcoming hardware expo: Much more than just screwdrivers

08:52 | 18/11/2019 Industry

(VEN) - Some 20,000 visitors are expected at the Hardware & Hand Tools Expo 2019, a four-day event supporting the development of key industries, like aerospace, automobile, construction, road, shipbuilding, woodworking and retail.

much more than just screwdrivers

Some 300 enterprises from 18 different countries and territories will attend the expo to be held from December 4-7, 2019 at the Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC), Ho Chi Minh City. The expo aims to promote the attractive domestic market, thereby attracting investment and boosting technology transfer and cooperation in building global supply chains.

Hardware & HandTools Expo is a supply event in a wide range of industries ranging from manufacturing, repairing, assembling and building to the DIY (do it yourself) tool use model. It continues to be the only and pioneering event in the field of mechanics and hand tools in Vietnam with the goal of gathering and comprehensive upgrading the connection quality in different industries.

Frank Yang, development director for the Asia-Pacific region of WERA - a German manufacturer of screw driving tools, said Vietnam is a potential market, and therefore, the exhibition provides a venue for his firm to access both local and foreign manufacturers in the machinery and tool sectors.

The downstream industry, including home appliances and tools, is a large segment embracing tools for electricity, pneumatic, maintenance, repair, grinding, polishing materials, cutting, and welding industries; construction metal and DIY tools; production equipment and machinery; and reinforced components such as bolts and screws of all kinds, rivets and mechanical springs. All will be on display at the Hardware & Hand Tools Expo 2019.

According to the event organizer - Vietnam National Trade Fair and Advertising Company (VINEXAD), this year’s exhibition is expected to lure prestigious international brands that will contribute to enhancing domestic brands, developing exports and stimulating the use of Vietnamese products.

“We have received two shelf production orders for an FDI enterprise through an exhibition like this. I think the customer approach has changed a lot. The connection between enterprises in the same industry as well as intermediaries is significant to help sellers and buyers find each other,” the representative of a Vietnamese mechanical enterprise said.

Nguyen Hong Nhung, a representative of the organizing board, said, “We focus on creating multidimensional connections. Major partners from India, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and China will help bring foreign brands to Vietnam and warm up the domestic market. Through the exhibition, many international customers have found potential Vietnamese partners and vice versa.”

Hardware & Hand Tools Expo 2019 will be held at the same time as the 17th Vietnam International Trade Fair and Garden & Landscape Expo. These three events are expected to have 860 booths of 800 businesses from 18 countries and territories. Seminars and new technology and product demonstrations within the events’ framework will add value to the exhibitions. Hardware & Hand Tools Expo 2019 is expected to welcome about 20,000 visitors.

Nguyen Huong