Unique Khau Vai Love Market

15:03 | 05/05/2014 Entertainment

(VEN) - Ethnic groups in Ha Giang eagerly anticipate Khau Vai Love Market in Meo Vac District every spring, which is a unique event taking place on March 27 by lunar calendar and lasts just 24 hours.

A young couple at Khau Vai Love Market

Legend has it that Khau Vai Commune is home to many ethnic groups including Nung, Giay, and Mong. A Nung poor farmer household had three sons in the twenties and the youngest was most handsome, strong, diligent, and talented for singing and fluting.

He and the village chief’s daughter fell in love through fluting and singing days and nights. However, both families and local feudal forces forbade the couple to love as he was a Nung boy and she was a Giay girl. They decided to run away to the May pass to reside in two separate tents (now, the Ong and Ba shrines). By day, they worked to live and by night they sang love songs.

The couple enraged the two families and blood shed clashes happened between the two family members. Some were dead.

From the May pass, the couple saw the battles and they decided to return home and dissuade family members to cease beating each other, mending the relationships between the two families and groups.

At separation, they took an oath to remember the parting date of March 27 by lunar calendar and promised to come back every year to sing and dance together and tell each other about lives and achievements.

Years passed by and they got older and older. On the last days of their lives, they met under the trees and beside rocks where they swore, hugged each other and went into eternity on the same day as parting. After finding them, family members and villagers gave them a solemn funeral and erected the Ong and Ba shrines that have still preserved until today. These shrines are very sacred and attracting lots of local couples to come praying for happy love. Some even prayed for children under the oath tree and rocks.

The old legendary love story was narrated from generation to generation and the day March 27 by lunar calendar has been associated with a Love Market event in Khau Vai. Those who go to the market not to buy or sell but to find their ex-lovers to exchange conversations, dance and sing love songs to each other without making their married husbands and wives jealous.

In recent years, the Khau Vai Love Market has been revived and promoted thanks to appropriate policies on preservation and promotion of traditional cultural values imbued with national identity in the area. On April 26, 2011, Ha Giang’s People’s Committee decided to rank Khau Vai Love Market as provincial level cultural heritage.

Khau Vai Love Market has become a tourist attractive destination in Ha Giang for domestic and foreign visitors along with Mount Co Tien, Ma Pi Leng pass, and Lung Cu flagpole.

Those who visit Khau Vai Love Market on March 27 by lunar calendar will have opportunity to experience the local unique traits and characters./.

Trieu Thi Tinh, Deputy Director of Ha Giang’s Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism

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