UNIDO assists in developing industrial sector

15:40 | 05/12/2016 Companies

(VEN) - The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has offered international best practices to help Vietnam develop inclusive and sustainable industry. The total assistance is more than US$100 million disbursed via technical support projects in various fields.  

unido assists in developing industrial sector

UNIDO celebrated its 50th anniversary on November 21, 2016. They have always accompanied with Vietnam in their development process. Vietnam has received many technical assistance from the international community, including UNIDO before 1986 and more precisely, since 1978. More than US$100 million have been disbursed via technical support projects in numerous fields such as support to the private sector and technical and industrial research organizations, conducting technology transfer, building trade capacity, developing human resources, enhancing environmental protection, promoting energy efficiency, strengthening investment promotion and improving responsible business practices.

UNIDO’s supports focus on the implementation of industrial and trade development strategies and policies like industrial sector surveys, industrial sub-sector, and foreign and domestic investment policies. UNIDO has helped accelerate the development of local suppliers of professional services for industrial development and strengthen capacity for all business associations. UNIDO has created favorable conditions to connect Vietnamese businesses with foreign companies through technical exhibitions, seminars, investment promotion, and information networks. Regarding environmental issues such as cleaner production and energy efficiency, this organization has supported Vietnam via policy advice, information on the availability and choice of clean technology and promotional programs as well as environment and energy audits.

Many projects implemented by UNIDO have been successful in Vietnam such as the UNIDO Vietnam Cleaner Production Center and pre-ratification assessment of the Minamata Convention to control mercury in products and avoid unnecessary health hazards to people and the environment.

Vietnam needs to resolve two major issues to develop inclusive and sustainable industry, including benefiting Vietnamese businesses from trade liberalization and economic and productive restructuring, and rebuilding industrial policies and strategies to take into account national priorities, including building linkages among industrial sectors.

The participation in free trade agreements and the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community in addition to Vietnam’s rise as an industrial and technological production center are expected to help the country increase trade and investment. UNIDO will continue to work with Vietnam to promote restructuring and modernization in order to improve quality and competitiveness. UNIDO is ready to support Vietnam’s inclusive and sustainable industrial development strategy with a hope that the Vietnamese economy will be inclusive by 2035.