UNDP appreciates Vietnam’s legal, judicial reforms

13:28 | 02/01/2016 Cooperation

(VEN) - Vietnam has recorded remarkable achievements in legal and judicial reforms, contributing to meeting the country’s development requirements. The country is further enhancing reforms following democratic, jurisdictional and transparent thought in order to ensure human rights.

UNDP appreciates Vietnam’s legal, judicial reforms

The Legal Partnership Forum 2015 in Hanoi

Addressing the Legal Partnership Forum 2015 held in Hanoi on December 8 jointly organized by the Ministry of Justice and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), foreign and domestic experts said that Vietnam has made significant progress in legal and judicial reforms. A modern approach to administration is included in the 2013 Constitution that records, respects and protects human rights in accordance with international standards.

In order to deploy the 2013 Constitution and the United Nations’ Human Rights Council’s (HRC) Universal Periodic Review (UPR), the Vietnamese National Assembly approved a series of codes and laws in November 2015 including the revisions to the Civil Code, Penal Code, Civil Procedure Code, Criminal Procedure Code and Maritime Code of Vietnam and the revised Law on Administrative Procedures.

Promoting reforms and improving the Vietnamese legal system with the intention of ensuring the safe, healthy and fair society for all citizens are needed. The amended Penal Code adds many regulations in order to protect human rights, while sentences and the application of capital punishment have been cut. In addition, strict punishments against people in disadvantageous position and protecting the inviolable rights of people in captivity are also supplemented.

Almost all countries have recorded and highly appreciated Vietnam’s development policies in terms of ensuring human rights since 2009. Vietnam has strictly implemented UPR recommendations in terms of strengthening socioeconomic development, enhancing poverty reduction and ensuring social security, especially taking care of women, children and ethnic minorities.

In the context of international economic integration, if national competitiveness remains low and country administration remains weak, Vietnam will face rapid and sustainable development difficulties. In addition to reforming its institutions, improving legal documents and deploying the socialist-oriented market mechanism, judicial reform associated with ensuring human rights needs to be implemented.

UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative Pratibha Mehta highly appreciated the Vietnamese government in approving the overall plan to implement UPR recommendations. This move will contribute to raising community awareness in terms of human rights. However, the Vietnamese government needs to add a timetable to the plan to assess the progress and ensure essential resources in order to complete the set targets.


Lan Ngoc

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