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14:45 | 24/04/2017 Science - Technology

(VEN) - Ulvac Singapore Pte Ltd. Sales Manager Phan Quang Ngoc told Vietnam Economic News that “Vietnam is a developing country, and will definitely be a good market for high-tech equipment in general and vacuum technology in particular”.

Could you shortly brief about Ulvac Singapore Pte Ltd?
ULVAC is an international corporation that designs, manufactures and markets equipment and materials for industrial applications which specialises in vacuum technology. Founded in Japan in 1952, ULVAC is now a global leading vacuum supplier, with its strong market presence in over 100 countries.

ULVAC has been providing all kinds of industries with vacuum technology-based products and materials essential for them under the basic managerial philosophy of aiming at contributing to the evolution of industries and sciences by using vacuum technologies and all peripheral technologies.

Besides supplying such materials and products, ULVAC has also been contributing to developing technologies through analysis, evaluation, basic research & development and other activities, by making the most of all available resources of the group.

We are continuing to contribute to the further evolution of society by exploring the development of innovative and advanced technologies that can meet actual and potential needs by using vacuum technologies, as well as creating products and technologies with high added value.

Our customers are companies that have been applying vacuum technology for production industrial and laboratories in universities in Vietnam.

Our products that we offer are vacuum heat treatment systems (eg vacuum quenching furnace, vacuum induction melting furnace, vacuum sintering furnace), vacuum extraction system, vacuum cooling for foodstuffs, vacuum pumps, helium leak detectors, sputtering systems, evaporator for industrial and laboratory.

What is your perspective about manufacturing industry in Vietnam (technology, labor skill, productivity, etc.)?

Industrial production in Vietnam using high technology such as vacuum technology is tending to develop well, although at present not many businesses apply. In terms of human resources knowledge for high technology, in Vietnam is still limited in practice.

The current trend of globalization has a great impact on all countries, including Vietnam. Investment trends for industrial production are the use of high-tech equipment to create high value gray matter products. This is an indispensable trend and Vietnamese businesses need to capture.

Could you share the ideas for Vietnam's manufacturers to take advantage from investment and serve the global demand?

If Vietnamese manufacturers want to capture investment opportunities and meet customer needs with international standards, firstly they must understand the rules of the international business. With the speed of globalization as fast as now, all standards will be standardized to international standards. While Vietnamese businesses understand the rules of international business is very little. This is the basic barrier to the development of Vietnamese enterprises in the integration process.

Vacuum technology has been used around the world for many years, but for Vietnam it is still new. The most commonly used vacuum technology products are: the lens of smartphone which be coated by many SiO2 layers in a vacuum-coating system, or the cutter of CNC which be done by CVD or other one for example the cutting pliers, molding materials are subjected to heat treatment by vacuum furnace.etc.

Vietnam is a developing country, and will definitely be a good market for high-tech equipment in general and vacuum technology in particular.

What is your idea plan of attending Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2017? The key products which Ulvac Singapore Pte Ltd will present at Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2017 and its highlights?

The products our company brings this time are: the vacuum pumps for industrial and laboratory, vacuum chamber leaks test by helium gas machine, the oil separator machine and catalogs of other industrial equipment which can not be brought to the Exhibition.

We want to connect with all our customers who need to use vacuum technology, both of the end user and the trading companies.

Always prioritize trading partners who are capable of developing the current market.

Nguyen Huong