Two hydropower plants begin operation in Nghe An

10:40 | 01/07/2019 Industry

The Ca Nan 1 and Ca Nan 2 hydropower plants, with a total capacity of 23 MW, were put into operation in Ky Son district, the central province of Nghe An on June 28.

With a capacity of 16 MW, the Ca Nan 2 hydropower plant has been put into operation

Invested by the SCI company, at a total cost of over VND810.8 billion, the Ca Nan 1 hydropower plant has a capacity of 7 MW, located in Na Ngoi commune, while Ca Nan 2 has a capacity of 16 MW, located in Chieu Luu and Huu Kiem communes.

After three years of construction and installation, both facilities have been put into operation and are connected to the grid, providing power supply of about 95 million kWh a year and contributing VND35 billion to the local budget per year, serving socio-economic development in Nghe An.

Additionally, during the implementation of the projects, the SCI has invested in building a 150 kVA transformer station and nearly 3km of power supply lines for 100 households in Tang Phan hamlet, Na Ngoi commune, as well as investing in lines and a transformer station for Huoi Thum hamlet.

The investment in the construction of the two plants has formed a 32 km long road which connects the National Highway No. 7 with local mountainous communes and provides telecommunications and information services for nearby areas.

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