Tuyen Quang ready to welcome visitors

11:24 | 26/09/2016 Culture & Tourism

(VEN) - From September 9-11, the city of Tuyen Quang was ornamented with multi-colored lanterns to welcome participants in a tourism development cooperation program themed ‘Through Northern Mountainous Heritage Areas’ and the Tuyen Quang City Festival 2016.

Tuyen Quang ready to welcome visitors

Unique tourism products

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival 2004, local people in Tuyen Quang made lanterns in the shape of animals and characters in fairy tales for their children to enjoy lantern parades. Since then, these kinds of lanterns have become popular as they attract growing attention of children. In 2014, the Tuyen Quang City Festival, also known as Tuyen Quang Mid-Autumn Festival, was officially organized at the provincial level.

Today, lanterns are made at almost every corner of Tuyen Quang City. Local people have created about 200 kinds of lantern.

Nguyen Vu Phan, Acting Director of the Tuyen Quang Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said the Tuyen Quang City Festival has become a special tourism product of the locality and proved to be very attractive to both domestic and foreign visitors.

Ready to welcome visitors

The Tuyen Quang City Festival 2016 coincided with the ‘Through Northern Mountainous Heritage Areas’ tourism development cooperation program hosted by the city. Therefore, special cultural, artistic, and sports activities will take place during the festival, including folk art performances by artists from six northern mountainous provinces, an exhibition presenting many kinds of food from northern mountainous provinces, and Tuyen Quang Beauty Contest finals. Notably, the festival presented nearly 100 outstanding kinds of lantern at a ceremony that was held at 8pm on September 10. Also at this ceremony, local people received a Vietnam Guinness Record certificate for the largest couple of lanterns in the country.

According to Nguyen Vu Phan, this year’s Tuyen Quang City Festival attracted about 500,000 visitors. To ensure safety and the best service for visitors, the provincial people’s committee has established an organizing board for the ‘Through Northern Mountainous Heritage Areas’ program and the festival. The city was also promoting homestay services that allow tourists to stay with local families and participate in a variety of activities. The service staff at major hotels in the city had been provided with training so that they can provide guests with quality service. Major tourist sites such as Tuyen Quang Hydropower Plant’s lake, Tan Trao Historical Site, and My Lam Mineral Spring Resort also got ready to welcome visitors.

Hopefully, great efforts of tourism officials and the hospitality of local people increased the popularity of the Tuyen Quang City Festival so that it can contribute to boosting the development of the local tourism sector.


Thanh Tam

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