Tuyen Quang Province: Industry promotion targets vital projects

08:42 | 05/12/2017 Industry

(VEN) - The industry promotion sector of Tuyen Quang Province intends to prioritize large, vital projects.

industry promotion targets vital projects

According to a representative of the Tuyen Quang Province Department of Industry and Trade, the provincial industry promotion center has been tasked with implementing four national and eight local industry promotion projects worth VND1.4 billion and VND800 million plus in 2017, respectively.

The national and local industry promotion projects have helped rural industrial establishments throughout the northeastern province develop production through diverse activities.

The number of rural industrial establishments in the province remains small, while most of them are household-scale businesses with less than 10 employees each. Therefore, it is difficult to find businesses in the province meeting conditions to benefit from industry promotion programs. Tuyen Quang has no industry promotion officials working in economic and infrastructure departments of provincial districts and cities, and needs commune industry promotion staff. This has made project selection and verification difficult and less effective.

While national industry promotion programs finance vocational training projects for more than 100 employees, VND150 million plus equipment application projects, VND1 billion plus new product and new technology technical demonstration model projects, Tuyen Quang has had few such projects to benefit from the programs’ assistance. In general, rural industrial facilities in the province are unmindful of such industry promotion activities as participation in trade fairs and exhibition, branding, and standard construction.

Targeting to improve the quality of its industry promotion activities, Tuyen Quang will focus on implementing large-scale, vital projects, with priority given to practical vocational training projects to provide human resources for industrial zone and craft village-based enterprises. Plans also call for new product technical demonstration model projects, projects promoting potential, and projects for application of advanced equipment and technology to production, among others.

The center will review and study the needs of rural industrial establishments to help them form suitable projects while mobilizing additional capital for project realization.

A representative of the Tuyen Quang Province Department of Industry and Trade proposed that relevant authorities diversify criteria for financing equipment so more establishments in the province can benefit from industry promotion programs.

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